What is Suwarnabumi?

A fantasy setting for True20 Adventure Roleplaying Game, inspired by the myths and legends of Southeast Asia.

"For over nine hundred years, we, the Kaliyatra dewarajahs, god-rulers of this empire, have made this place prosper. Veraism, the state religion, has established peace, order and tranquillity throughout the empire. No nation threatens us. Our neighbours have paid us tribute without question, and rightly so. A vast armada of warships have insured cooperating and safe passage to merchant ships, enabling trade to flourish in the region. Perhaps our greatest achievement, Taksaka, the pinnacle city of Kaliyatra. It has become a trading centre that attracts merchant ships from all over the world. Scholars and pilgrims journey here to study in its temples and libraries. Soldiers and mercenaries pledge allegiance to us, hoping to share in the rewards and wealth we offer to all our loyal subjects. We are growing stronger all the time, and our way of peaceful development has been welcomed all over Suwarnabumi. The golden age of the Kaliyatra has just begun …"
Empress Mallika, the Great Goddess Who Shines in the Heavens, ruling monarch of the Kaliyatra


This is Suwarnabumi

Nagas. Weretigers. Outlaws. Hungry ghosts. Wandering warriors. Possessed animals. Kerisblades. Snake-blooded humans … Awakening. Welcome to a world where there is no clear division between good and evil, where the greatest darkness lies in a man's heart. From a land with Veraist temples and structures to the dark, foreboding jungles of Panau, to the legendary City of the Serpents, Suwarnabumi is fantasy with elements of horror: a world of martial arts, intrigue, and voyages of discovery. The heroes have as many dark qualities as heroic virtues and the villains are not evil for evil's sake. In Suwarnabumi, there are many groups vying to gain an advantage, whether it is for profit, fame, or revenge:

The Guild of Merchants holds absolute control over the trade of luxury goods, such as gold, silk, and spice that goes in and out of Suwarnabumi.

The Vamachara practice rituals that conflict with the Thalathanist doctrine, relying on the use of intoxicants, the consuming of human flesh and the blood sacrifice of animals in order to gain supernatural insight and powers.

Beggars may seem weak and vulnerable, but they seldom are. Part of vast network of gangs, the League of Beggars are made up of all types of people outside society: con artists, informants, pickpockets and thieves.

A World of Outcasts

Deep in the rainforest, beyond the reach of the Kaliyatra, where law and order holds no sway, a place where those that have supernatural powers have authority, a land of freedom. But do not fool yourself: this is a dangerous world. The only one you can trust here is that sword of yours. Those that live in the margins are outsiders from society: criminials, fugitives, mercenaries and thieves. These people bow to no one.

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