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The most common pack animal in the Suwarnabumi archipelago are the gaur and water buffalo, also known as swamp buffalo. Suwarnabumi has no donkeys or horses. The goat, while not native to the region, is fairly common in urbanized areas. It was originally brought to the region by Phanarien and Sundamanese traders.


People in the Suwarnabumi region have darker skin tones, ranging from dark brown to black in the Near North, and slightly lighter and duskier skin in the archipelago. Dusky skin colour is most common. Hair is black and eyes are brown. Fair-skinned peoples, with bright eyes and light hair colour generally live in the Far North. They are essentially unheard off to the people in the archipelago.


Rice agriculture has existed in the region for thousands of years, and spread across the archipelago. These rice fields are easy to maintain due to the abundant amount of yearly downfall. Food has also been influenced largely from Padmattiya, and to a lesser degree Kaliyatra and the Phanaric Lands. Due to religious strictures, some are vegetarians, while others do not consume beef or fish. Padmattiya cuisine is rich in flavour with a lot of hot and exotic spices. Cuisine from Kaliyatra is often boiled, particularly seafood, and served with rice or noddles. Food from the Phanaric Lands are cooked in oil, complimented with herbs, fish and vegetables.


Tea is by far the most appreciated beverage in the archipelago. Other common non-alcoholic beverages include buttermilk, fruit juice, and soybean milk. Most alcoholic beverages are made from rice or wheat, and consumed with food rather than drunk on its own. Palm toddy is a particularly common alcoholic beverage imported across the region. Wine, while a bit more expensive, is also popular.


Tobacco, called tabbaq in the archipelago, was originally used as medicine. It was brought to the region by Phanarien traders. Tobacco is especially appreciated around the [[Nau Islands]]]. There are even special houses where people go to smoke various types of tobacco.

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