The weretiger is a dangerous creature turned into a man-eating tiger through the use of charms or supernatural powers. This transformation often occurs during the night, where the weretiger becomes a custodian of justice and revenge, protecting their families and villages from harm. The ability is often associated with just vengeance. It is said that they only attack those that deserve it.

A weretiger cannot be distinguished from a normal tiger physically. Most weretigers choose to live in complete seclusion from society and survive solely on what the rainforest can offer. It is widely believed that a shapeshifer does not recognize her friends from foe unless they call her by name.

A person becomes a weretiger through inheritance. It is passed down a family line from father to son and mother to daughter. The power then manifests in the child on its 21st birthday. For example, only daughters born of a father who was a weretiger will not grow up to be shapeshifters, but may develop tiger-like traits such as a heightened sense of smell.

Game Information

As per True20 Bestiary, except weretigers can only shapeshift into animal form.

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