Vulthoks are heavily built with barrel-shaped bodies, is about 8 to 9 feet tall and weighs over 2,000 pounds. They have thick tree-trunk-like legs with four toes and powerful, oversized arms. The eyes are pale, almost white and its head is clean shaven. A Vulthok's skin is extremely tough, almost resembling stone. Typically, Vulthoks are greyish in colour, but often appear brownish from wallowing in mud. The mud helps them cool off and acts as an effective sunscreen against burning. Vulthok occasionally paint white handprints on their bodies and sometimes faces, which seems to be some kind of social behaviour.

Vulthoks gather in small matriarchal herds, led by the oldest and largest female. Calves are raised by the entire herd. Male Vulthoks usually lead solitary lives or in the company of other males when they reach the age of 12. Vulthoks are strictly plant eaters.

They cannot speak, but understands Scyllian. Vulthok communicate with very low and long-range subsonics tones and humanoids cannot hear such frequencies.

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