Type Secret society
Founded c. 2500
Headquarters Somewhere in the Panau rainforest
Key people Kalesaran
Purpose Defending the human world from supernatural threats, regulate supernatural use, and keep evil spirits and demons from interfering in human and nonuman affairs
Affiliations Sorcerers
Strength Couple of hundred

Bound by a code of secrecy, the Vamachara is a small secret society dedicated to keep track of the supernatural. In essence, these men and women are hunters, mercenaries, and outlaws who are sworn to defend humanity from the shadows, a profession that puts them on odds with society. Because of the mystery surrounding the order, most consider the little more than a band of professional killers. Most hunters must contradict their spiritual beliefs. This includes the consumption of intoxicants and human flesh, the sacrifice of animals, and other forbidden practices for the sole purpose of gaining supernatural insight and powers to fight the supernatural. Their headquarters is said to lie somewhere in the rainforest of Panau, warded by supernatural powers.

Members are often found travelling the land, seeking out supernatural threats and defending the people. They rely on the hospitality of ordinaries to survive, unless they're hired or contracted for their services. Because they cannot disclose what they actually do as living, most members that wish to be part of society choose to take up a second profession as cover.

Vamacharan hunters are sworn to defend humanity from the supernatural, but interpretation of this code varies. Some view themselves as mercenaries that are permitted to earn fair payment for their services; some are fanatical and zealous, striving to rid the world of nonhumans and the supernatural alike. There are numerous cells that work independently of each other. Some hunter cells are willing to work together, while others prefer to operate alone. Sari is the head of the Vamachara branch based in Panau. There are two other distinct cells elsewhere in Suwarnabumi, but they have no contact with each other.

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