The Story of the Stone

Campaign Information

The Story of the Stone campaign follows the story of four individuals that lost their memories and find themselves inside an abandoned temple on the island of Langundowi. Our current line of heroes (in alphabetical order) are: a Caelirian Eire survivor named Dhalrane, a young adventurous Tiyanak archer named Gwaru, a volatile Tiyanak magician named Kyra, and a serene Harimau warrior-monk named Sarachai. Another character (retired player character) was an Arshanian named Pharizad, one of the initial four that lost their memories.

While the campaign initially began on the 15th of October 2005, preparations for the campaign begun in the end of August. This campaign differed much from our previous Forgotten Realms campaigns and has little resemblance to traditional Tolkien-inspired fantasy settings. Gone were dwarves, elves, orcs and trolls. Instead of delving into the somewhat watered down mythologies of Greek, Norse, or Egyptian origin, this campaign is inspired by the cultures and stories of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia. Most of the campaign takes place in the rainforest surrounding the mythical island of Langundowi.

Campaign Premise

The campaign was originally intended to be deeply philosophical exploring the contradictions of a world where premonitions and prophecies were fact and how mortals still could have freewill in such a place. This focus soon shifted from what I originally conceived into something very different. Instead it became a campaign about the people of Langundowi and how they suffered during the occupation of their home by foreign powers.

This campaign originally went under the name "The Dragon and The Circle", while we still used a custom-made d20 Modern ruleset. Soon after the character reached fifth level, we to covert them completely to the True20 Adventure Roleplaying system on the 6th of January 2007. With the system change, the name of the setting also changed to the Land of the Naga first, then Suwarnabumi (which means "Land of Gold" in Sanskrit) and the campaign was retroactively named the "The Story of the Stone", referring to the mysterious stone uncovered by the Phanariens and later kept safe by the Scyllians.

Gwaru, Kyra and Sarachai are currently on a quest to recover all the pieces while Dhalrane is hell-bent on preventing this from happening.

Character Preface

Some details given to the player before the the campaign begun.

What You Do Remember: Your hero remembers the race you belong to and your native language(s). You recall the abilities, skills, and feats that you possessed, appropriate the role you chose. The only thing that feels certain is that you and those that awoke around you are in this together. You need to escape from this place.

What Can't Remember: Anything related to your past is blown away as if it never existed. Whatever personality traits that once distinguished your hero might be non existent. Morals and ethics might be missing either partially or completely. You cannot remember who you are nor can you distinguish between friend or foe. You can't remember whom to trust.

Uncovering Your Character's Past: The campaign has been set up in a way that its up to each individual player to decide whether or not they want to discover their former selves. Although it cannot be avoided completely, a few memories will eventually return when the character visits places and locations he or she previously knew. No one should feel forced to become who he or she originally were. All characters were motivated by different reasons. Some chose this fate while others were inflicted with memory loss. Some of them choose exile because of failure and disgrace; others harboured secrets so dark that they eventually lost themselves; while another's mind became so corrupted that the character truly forgot who they were.

Summary of Events

A short recap of the events from The Story of the Stone campaign.

In the first session they awoke inside an abandoned temple-building with no recollection of why, how, or who brought them there. They quickly decide to work together and find a way out of the complex. Finally out of the temple, they realize that it's rainforest everywhere.

A couple of sessions later, they stumble upon men dressed in heavy, dark maile, with curved swords and red banners. Somehow they learn that these dark humans are called the Scyllians and wage a terrible war on the inhabitants of Langundowi.

From a nearby village habited by green-skinned creatures that calls themselves the Newae, Kyra is instructed to gather four crystalline shards that reunite the pieces to make up something called the Kaia Stone. She is told that this will bring freedom to Langundowi and its people. However, each shard is kept sealed away inside an imposing tower, guarded by the Scyllians. They instigate the Third Beltzan War when they coincidentally raze a tower in the province of Beltza, leading to a province-wide uprising among the Thanolese humans.

Soon enough, they end up in a Scyllian-occupied town called Legaia in central Langundowi. Upon conversing with the rebel leader inside the town, the Arshanian warrior named Pharizad decides to leave them and try to unlock the secrets of the sword Clanbringer. From Legaia they use intelligence gathered from revolutionist movements within Legaia to survey the second tower's defences. This tower was more like a fortress with a flooded moat and several defensive walls and watchtowers. With the help of the Green Army, they create a diversion and manage to infiltrate the tower, but not unnoticed. They struggle against the tower's defences, including animated stone terracotta statues and supernatural entities. During the hoist, a Lazurian ally named Izattva dies. While trying the escape, they soon realize that there is no way they can wade through the soldiers pouring into the tower. Given no other choice, Kyra grabs the second shard and supernaturally walks through the wall. Gwaru uses his magical cloak to turn to a bird and flies away. Dhalrane again meets with the ghost of the Caelirian Queen that founded the five colonies of Luineis, asking for the queen's help. But she can do nothing. Dhalrane is then aided by the Vulthoks that managed to free themselves from the tower's prisons. Recognizing her distress, they take her out of the tower while killing and squashing the Scyllian troops as insects.

In the rainforest, Dhalrane, Gwaru and a company of revolutionary fighters stumble upon a strange boy, that happens to be the vessel for a powerful demon. The demon, going by the name Murkha, informs that he's to protect the next wielder of the Dawnbow: Gwaru. When they arrive back in Legaia, Dhalrane confronts Kyra about what happened in the tower. Although she no longer trusts the Tijanak, Dhalrane's smart enough not to make her an enemy.

Kyra is yet again plagued by visions of Langundowi destruction if she does not reunite the Kaia Stone. She learns that something has happened in the Newae village and quickly returns to it. Kyra arrives too late and most of them are either dead or mortally wounded. She uses her magic to heal them and finds one inside the Cave of the Spirits. There she meets a Newae called Tilaku, who apparently carries the Dawnbow successfully, a heavenly weapon said to have been created by the gods and not meant for mortal creatures. It is said that it consumes the soul of the wielder, who will usually die in a matter of days after bonding with the bow. Kyra takes her to another tower, hoping to gain the third piece but instead falls into a trap set by the Scyllians. Although Kyra and Tilaku inflict a devastating blow to the Scyllians in the north-western province, she does not escape with the shard.

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