Thanolese War

The Thanolese War, also known as Thano War of Liberation, and in Thano as the Scyllian War, 740-747, was a conflict fought between East and West Thano, that concluded with East Thanolese victory and the unification of Thano under the Scyllian government of the East.

During the Thanolese War, East Thano received support by Scyllia, while West Thano created a coalition of Caelirian, Lazurian, Newae, Tijanak and Thanolese rebels in Beltza and Maldea. When the Phanariens withdrew from Thano after their humiliating defeat at the Battle of Ayrina, West Thano tries to establish itself as an independent state, free from Scyllian influence. This move was opposed by Scyllian-supported East Thano. Thanolese nationalist that favoured the establishment of their own nation, formed the Thanolese National Army to liberate West Thano with the promise of an independent Thano state.

Scyllian advancement

The Archon Themyrna lead Scyllian occupation forces further into Galleta reaching the river of Nalam. The anti-occupation coalition launches a swift counterattack to halt enemies' advancement, but Scyllian forces overpower them crushing remaining partisan resistance.


The Archon Themyrna captures the city of Halia and executes an unknown number of Caelirian and Thanolese prisoners shortly after the defeat of the partisan forces.

Scyllian forces reunites East and West Thano but the Thano state becomes a puppet state under Scyllian control. The Thanolese National Army was dissolved.

How many died during the war is unknown. It is estimated that roughly 600,000 died, including civilian and military deaths.

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