Thano War Timeline

702 - 736 Caelirian-Phanarien Conflict
702 - 739 Wars of Phanarien colonization in Thano
703 Onarelle emerges as leader of the Caelirian resistance
703 - 706 Murieallian Revolt
703 Fiadhaiche created in the wake of the war with the Phanariens
705 Groups of Arshanian and Harash fighters defect
707 - 708 Uprising of the Caelirians
710 - 711 Luineis War
711 Kazedma forges the sword Clanbringer from the fires of the volcano Hakoniteh.
712 Phanarien Expansion
712 - 739 Langundowi under Phanarien rule begins.
713 - 717 Kazedma's Rebellion
714 Assassination of Queen Onaraelle at the hands of Phanarien agents.
714 - 719 Caelirian War
718 - 720 Queen Kelanina's War
719 The Siege of Ayrina
721 Caelirians conduct a campaign to assassinate town leaders appointed by the Phanariens.
721 Caelirians slaughtered in Eire by Phanarien troops
722 Harash slaughtered in Elaia by Phanarien troops
722 - 728 Harash Uprisings
723 Formation of the Revolutionary Guard of Thano
723 Legaia gets flooded
726 Foundation of the Order of the Rising Tiger
727 Azadi is struck by a mudflow during wet season
728 Phanariens buried alive an unknown number of Harash men, women and children after their capitulation.
732 Phanariens raid and uncover the Kaia Stone from a Caelirian temple.
734 Battle of Legaia. The Elaian Order is destroyed
736 Ayrina is lost to the Phanariens. Kelanina is killed in battle.
736 Phanarien-Caelirian Conflict ends
739 - 740 Scyllian invasion of Thano
739 Fall of Ayrina. Langundowi under Phanarien rule ends.
739 - 744 First Beltzan War
739 Battle of Janna
739 Formation of the Thanolese National Army
740 Battle of Gahra's Stand
740 First Beltzan War ends.
740 - 747 Seven Years War in Thano
741 Foundation of the Order of the Blade
742 The Kaia Stone is recovered from a secret chamber held by remaining Phanarien forces in the south
743 Formation of the Green Army by Vardaas during the Seven Years War
745 Construction of the Ayak towers
746 Kazedma is captured and executed by the Scyllians
746 Second Beltzan War
747 Seven Years War ends
748 Queen Merielle of the Caillach is presumably killed but her body is never recovered.
748 Thano reunification under the rule of the Thanolese nationalist government.
749 Completion of the first three Ayak towers, begins construction of the fourth in Beltza.
750 Third Beltzan War
750 Vardaas is assassinated by unknown assailants
750 Abarri Rebellion
750 Battle of Ramala's Fortress

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