Tarangaratna kingdom

The Harathi kingdom of Tarangaratna was in the north of Padmattiya around the city of Chamalinga. The state religion of the kingdom was Veraism. The kingdom was founded by Aravinth. He founded Chamalinga as his capital, named after his first son. It was one of the largest kingdoms in region.

When the Harathi began to migrate into south-east Suwarnabumi under pressure from the expansion of the nagari, the Harathi moved into the Mathuri region. The Sundamanese dominated the Mathuri River, forming a series of kingdoms in the region, one of which was the Tarangaratna kingdom.

The Tarangaratna kingdom was a bitter rival to the nagari kingdom of Ranna. The kings of Tarangaratna tried to capture the Ranna several times, as the nagari posed a significant threat to the stability of the region. Although Tarangaratna occupied Ranna one more than one occasion, they were always repulsed by the nagari after a short period of time. The constant incursions into Ranna proved to be the kingdom's downfall. The Karwaris army revolted against their king and helped Ranna defeat the Tarangaratna kingdom. After the Ranna army destroyed the city of Chamalinga, the king of Tarangaratna, Dharapati was forced to abdicate the throne.

Surviving cities include Himavata and Nilanjana.

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