Taksaka kingdom

The Taksaka kingdom was an early kingdom in the area around the city Taksaka in eastern Langa. Before the founding of Taksaka, nagari chiefdoms existed on the northeastern highlands. Taksaka was founded in 2728 and was the first independent nagari kingdom. Taksaka was the capital of the first kingdom of the nagari in the 26th and 27th century. The great civilization which evolved in the Taksaka kingdom absorbed many influences and local traditions in the Langanese archipelago.

One of the most powerful nagari-rulers was king Shailandra. It is believed that he paid tribute and swore alliegence to the king of Kaliyatra in exchange for autonomy. During this period in Taksaka, the religion of Nagaism was adopted as state religion. Neighbouring kingdoms swore alliegence to Shailandra. He expanded the influence of his kingdom not through military conquest, but through taxes levied on trade and vessels in Taksaka.

After the death of Shailandra in 2745, the Taksaka kingdom declined. Vassal states, including the Kedayuh and Langanese became independent, conquering states that belonged to Taksaka. During this time Kaliyatra grew, and in 2893 conquered what was left of the kingdom.

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