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The Cradle of the Kaliyatra
Location Suwarnabumi, on the south-eastern coast of Langa
Area 135 sq mi (350 km2)
Terrain urban; lowland
Climate tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Population 180,000
Ethnic groups Kaliyatran, Kedayuh, Langanese, Sundamanese, nagari, shoal-people
Religions Nagaism, Thalathanism
Languages Kaliyatran 40%, Kedayuh 20%, Langanese 20%, Nagarian 20%
Type Autocracy, Dictatorship
Capital Taksaka
Largest city None
Main exports Agriculture, hydraulics, minted coins, paper, wind power, bronze, arms

Taksaka is a city and the capital of the Kaliyatra Empire. The city is located on the northeastern region of the Langanese Archipelago, west of the Nilam River and is surrounded by hills in the north and south. Taksaka has a population of 180,000.


The Kingdom of Takasaka was established at the city of Taksaka by 2728. It was founded by Shailandra, a nagari prince from Amangkurat who sought to restore his people's supremacy in the region, which had disintegrated after the collapse of Layarang.

Prior to the 27th century, Taksaka was a minor part of various regional kingdoms, including Amangkurat and Parancha. It was a simple fishing village inhabited by local Kedayuh. Over the next one hundred years, the Kingdom of Taksaka engaged in continuous warfare with Kedayuh chiefdoms on the eastern coast of Langa. Kedayuh tribes made repeated raids on the capital. Taksaka tried to end this warfare through traditional nagari diplomacy, but were unsuccessful.

Taksaka adopted Nagaism as state religion in 2734 after Shailandra converted through marriage with a Kaliyatra princess. Shailandra's successors built over 8,000 Nagaist temples in the Taksaka capital. Shailandra allied himself with local seafaring people and compelled passing ships to dock there, and established reliable facilities for storage and trade. Mass settlement of Hao, mostly from merchant fleets occured during the regin of Shailandra in Taksaka.

In 2893, Taksaka fell to the Kingdom of Kaliyatra which would eventually led the founding of the Kaliyatra Empire by King Athikaya. In 4272, after the defeat of the Salangara kingdom, the kings of Kaliyatra relocated their captial to Taksaka.

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