Tahamavism, also spelled Thamavism, encompasses the traditions of Thalathanism that focus on the worship of Lord Tahamatan. The religion is often associated with asceticism and Tahamatan's avatars is sometimes depicated as an ascetic hermit that withdraws from the world to meditate in the mountains. Tahamavism is centered on a clergy called the tahamavas. The priests administer religious ceremonies and rituals for the benefit of the lay community, conducting group meditation and studying the sacred orthodox tahamava scriptures. Tahamava texts describe a battle between Tahamatan and Vidahatesh, where Tahamatan killed Vidahatesh. That's the reason why Vidahanas are so hostile to anything Tahamavas. Lay people on the other hand usually pray for long life, healthy children, rain, and rice (wealth). They rely on the tahamavas and enlightened gurus to recognize their true nature as Tahamatan.

According to Tahamavism, Tahamatan is the one, eternal, changeless, the highest reality and infinite consciousness. Although it is not required, most worship Tahamatan as a personal God. Only through meditation on the mantras, self-realization, and prayer to Lord Tahamatan can a practitioner come closer to oneness with Tahamatan, or God. To them, there is no difference between Tahamatan and the world: the world is either identical with Tahamatan or a self-expression of his nature. The soul is of the nature of Tahamatan, but hidden until a practitioner reaches true awareness and find the door to freedom.

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