Swarms are dense masses of Fine, Diminutive or Tiny creatures that would not be particularly dangerous in small groups, but can be terrible foes when gathered in sufficient numbers. For game purposes a swarm is defined as a single creature with a space of 10 feet—gigantic hordes are actually composed of dozens of swarms in close proximity. A swarm has a single level, a single initiative modifier, a single speed and a single defence. It makes saving throws as a single creature.

Here the mosquito swarms and piranha swarms are described. For other type of swarms, see the True20 Bestiary. The swarm's type varies with the nature of the component creature (most are animal or vermin), but all swarms have the swarm subtype.

Vulnerabilities of Swarms

Swarms are extremely difficult to fight with physical attacks. However, they have a few special vulnerabilities, as follows:

A lit torch swung as an improvised weapon deals +1 fire damage per hit. A weapon enhanced with the Elemental Weapon supernatural power deals its full elemental damage each hit, even if the weapon's normal damage can't affect the swarm. A lit lantern can be used as a thrown weapon, dealing +1 fire damage to all creatures in squares adjacent to where it breaks.


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