The Sundamanese people (pronounced sun-duh-mah-neez) are an ethnic group from the Sundaman region of Padmattiya. Padmattiya is part of the Suwarnabumi mainland. Roughly 16 million Sundamanese live in Padmattiya and another 2 million live in Haolang. Most live in both rural and urban regions. Many leave the rural areas to find work in the cities in order to support their families.

The Sundamanese culture is one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. They have diverse origins with most tribes migrating or invading the Sundaman region, having a strong influence on the culture of Suwarnabumi. The earliest recorded account of the Sundamanese people beings from the time of the Phurahan kingdom. They helped found other important kingdoms, including the Tarangaratna kingdom and Mayurapada.

Veraism is the majority religion of the Sundamanese, although a large Nagaism minority exists among them. Sundamanese Veraism has been greatly influenced by nagari culture incorporating many practices that are considered Nagaist, such as the worship of snakes and pilgrimages to sacred burial tombs. Most of the Sundamanese population also believe in reincarnation, adopting vegetarian diets and showing love and mercy towards other people.

They mostly speak the Sundamanese language. Many also learn Pahanari and Kaliyatran as second languages, especially those that live in the archipelago.

Game Information

Sundamanese possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes.
—Favoured Feats: Fascinate, Mind Over Body

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