Sun People Creation Myth

In the beginning, the world was covered in only water and there was no Tlalli ("earth"). The Tlanextli ("sun people") lived in the sky with their animals but it was very crowded and uncomfortable. The Tlanextli became curious about what lived beneath them, and instructed Teyakapan ("the first born") to explore it and bring something back from the world below. Teyakapan descended from the heavens down to the world below. He gazed across the ocean but he soon realized there was nothing above but seas.

Teyakapan decides to explore what lies beneath the water. At the bottom of the ocean, he discovers that he is being watched by creatures hiding behind the rocks. Teyakapan demands to know who they are and they reveal themselves as the Camacoatl, the Water People. Delighted by making acquaintance, Teyakapan was somewhat troubled because he had found nothing to bring back to his people. The Camacoatl suggest bringing back some mud from the ground. Never seen or felt mud before, Teyakapan asked them to collect a sample to some to show his people.

But when Teyakapan returns to the water surface, the mud suddenly expanded and transformed into Tlalli. From there on, the earth was covered in trees and undergrowth. Soon enough, animals that lived in the sky became curious too, and moved down to the earth and the sea. The sky was no longer crowded and the now the Tlanextli lived alone.

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