Narrator's Journal
Session XXXIV on 16/8-08

In the following weeks, Kyra's Green Army swept through the provinces of Thano like a plague, crippling the Caelirian forces in the north and northwestern regions. The Mallera's Fiadhaiche withdrew into the southeast and finally joined with the Scyllian and the Thanolese armed forces. The Grand Prince informed Caralyna, Dhalrane and Mallera that Kyra was moving the Green Army against the capital. He said that the final battle wil be fought on the slopes of Timira.

The Green Army relied largely on Gwaru and his use of the Dawnbow and the partisan bowmen. Members of the Revolutionary Guard of Thano were entrusted with the mission of protecting Gwaru, while Sarachai was responsible for three companies of fighting men, and Kyra was attached to Gwaru's personal guard. She could move freely on the battle-field. Sarachai was also part of the main force instructed to breach the Scyllians' front lines. Pharizad was responsible for the reserve troops and Arshanian fighters, waiting atop the hills in the east. He was supposed to led his men and women into battle when Sarachai broke the front lines.

During the initial stages of the battle, the Scyllians and their allies, the Caelirians-led Fiadhaiche, had the upper hand, holding their lines against charge led by Sarachai. At one point in the battle, Kyra turned herself into a war elephant, stomping and trampling her enemies to death. She incurred the wrath of the Scyllian crossbowmen, and abruptly transformed back into a regular soldier (as to be targeted by enemy archers) before suffering injuries. Dhalrane carried out many successful missions during the course of the battle, capturing an enemy banner and disabling an enemy commander.

Hoping to turn the tide of battle, Gwaru tried to shot against the Grand Prince, only to realize that the Dawnbow could not injure him. The Prince informed him that "All prophecies are not true", referring to his death by the celestial weapon. With a single strike from his mighty spear, he pierced Gwaru's heart. The Tiyanak died instantly.

When Gwaru died, everything went downhill for the Green Army. While Sarachai's main force penetrated his enemies ranks, they were pushed back. Sarachai withdrew his warband to engage the Grand Prince. But Sarachai was no match for the Grand Prince, not even with the help of Kyra's magics. Sarachai was cut down, but survived his injuries.

Pharizad and his Arshanian warbands betrayed Kyra at the last moment, storming his troops into the Green Army reserves. With the main partisan army engaging the Scyllian main force, the partisans soon crumbled against the highly trained Scyllian Expeditionary Army and the Thanolese Armed forces. Defeated and broken, the partisan rebellion was crushed.

The rebellion against the Scyllians and the Thanolese nationalist government failed. They didn't have the support of all the humans of Thano, and most importantly, the Caelirians, who the land once belonged to. Wars cannot be won without the support of all the people. And clearly, Kyra didn't have enough support.


Most humans decided to leave the island after the Green Army's defeat. They did not wish to live under non-human rule. Only a handful of Thanolese settlements remain on Thano, mostly on the eastern coast. These humans are in good standing with the Caelirians.

Sarachai and surviving members of his warband were allowed free passage into the mountains. Sarachai accepted. It was believed that when the Harimau became old, he passed on his inheritance to his young disciple, just like his master had done before him.

The Grand Prince returned the remaining piece of the Kaia Stone to the Caelirians. Days after the final battle, the Grand Prince died abruptly. He died peacefully in his sleep. His final wish was to be buried on the island. The Caelirians built a monument in his honour, depicted the great battle against Kyra.

The surviving Scyllians honoured their promise to Caelirians, and relinquished their influence on the island. They boarded their warships and sailed back into the Far East. The Scyllians were never heard from again.

Dhalrane, Caralyna and Mallera rebuilt the Caelirian nation, re-establishing Tyrcailorin, "Land of the Caelirians". Together they rooted out any remaining insurgents that wished to see Thano under human rule. Dhalrane was entrusted with the Dawnbow. She made sure that no one would ever use that weapon in a war again.

Kyra, while defeated, was still unswayed by the events that had transpired. She lingered in the jungle of Langundowi, yearning for the remaining piece of the Kaia Stone, knowing full well what awful fate awaited her in the Realm of the Dead.

Pharizad knew that this place was not his home nor his peoples. He and a large fleet of Arshanian survivors left Langundowi shortly after the final battle. He remained uneasy, and could not shake off the feeling that he was being watched through some supernatural means. It is not known whether Pharizad ever reached Arshanam.

Session XXIII on 11/7-08

Four months have passed since the Green Army defeated the Thanolese Defence Force at the Battle of Ramala's Fortress. Tens of thousands have coverted to the Light of Kyra and thousands of more brave men and women have joined the resistance movement against the occupying Scyllian Army. During this period of time, the Caelirians and Scyllians made a non-aggression pact, effectively becoming allies because they both wish to prevent the completion of the Kaia Stone. Dhalrane helps plan the defence of Aegalis, the City of the Scyllians, knowing full well that Kyra desires the final piece of the Kaia Stone. Caelirians and Scyllians train side by side the coming months, learning from each others' strengths and weaknesses.

Sarachai travels to the Mount Atiya with Bisma and manages to convince the Order of the Rising Tiger to join Kyra's Green Army. The Harimau also encounters a benevolent spirit who asked him to rid off a ghost that had taken residence in a holy place. After disposing the evil spirit, he was rewarded with a pair of magical sandals that enable him to scale walls and trees with ease.

While delving into her subconsciousness, Dhalrane uncovers dormant memories of a temple that might be connected to the creation of the Kaia Stone. Haludara informed her that the temple she described was buried when the Phanariens constructed their burial structures on top of it. But there might still remain clues in the deeper chambers. To learn the truth, the curator Haludara, the healer Alunera and a company of Fiadhaiche fighters accompany Dhalrane to the location. There she encounters a delusional banshee and spirits of dead. Beneath the catacombs, they find evidence of what truly happened to those that tried to use the Kaia Stone for the wrong purposes.

Kyra and Sarachai are contacted by a hooded man, informing them that he knows whereabouts of Gwaru (having gone missing four months back). In exchange for this knowledge he wants them to dispose of Taraka, Demon King of the Black Earth, and return with his head. As proof of his claim, the man hands over Gwaru's magical arrow-making ring. Kyra knew that Gwaru would never willingly pass on his belongings. With her supernatural powers, she also learned that the hooded man was in fact a demon himself. As far as they knew, Gwaru could as well be dead, but abandoning a mighty artefact such as Dawnbow would be foolhardy. But could they really trust this demon? Reluctantly, they agree to perform the deed, but not before they learn more about this Taraka. Kyra and Sarachai learn that the Demon King is not to be trifled with: he has a mighty army of more than ten thousand demons at his disposal. They interrogate the man further, learning that he wants to take over after Taraka, but he's too weak to challenge him personally.

The following day, Kyra and Sarachai travelled to the mountains to challenge the demon Taraka. Turns out that the demon king was more than a match for the two heroes, forcing them to retreat back to Ramala's Fortress. Upon returning, the disguised demon told them that he figured they might be a little to "weak" to defeat him, but informs them that they have a last chance: the demon king will attended a banquet. Since the demons mostly eat humans, humanoids, and other exotic animals, they would have no problem getting in. Taraka will have to be unarmed and unarmoured during the whole event. Unwillingly, they decide to attend the banquet. Kyra transformed herself a tiger, while Sarachai used a supernatural ointment to enhance his strength. Taken by surprise, Taraka was defeated in his waiting quarters. Sarachai cut off the head and they return to fortress.

Meanwhile, Gwaru was held captive against his will. As he travelled to make contact with the remaining Phanarien soldiers in south western Thano, the Tiyanak was kidnapped by phantom warriors. He was brought to a dungeon and forced to fight gladiatorial battles in the Realm of Shadows, a place Dhalrane, Kyra, Pharizad and himself had been in before. There he became friend with a Bunian woman callled Alya. Together with Alya, Gwaru manages to escape. He ends up in the northern part of Thano, but was discovered by members of the Revolutionary Guard. He was brought back to Ramala's Fortress and reunited with Kyra and Sarachai.

Session XXII on 28/6-08

The same night, Kyra informs the partisans that Vardaas has been assassinated. The following morning, they prepare a funeral ceremony in his honour and many fighters of the Green Army mourn the loss of their leader openly. Both Kyra and Sarachai were present at his cremation.

Meanwhile, Dhalrane is tasked with driving out three companies of Scyllian and Amarati soldiers that are venturing a little too close to one of Fiadhaiche's weapon storages. Caralyna notes that the path they have chosen is unusual, because it's not the fastest route, especially for a company that large. Dhalrane and her Fiadhaiche unit have no problem locating the humans. It seems that they are setting up camp within a narrow valley protected by a river in the south and hills in the west and east. Dhalrane catches the glimpse of movement on the other side of the hill: partisans! She realizes that the soldiers are about to be ambushed and decides to interwine. Before she has time to act, the partisans are upon the soldiers, killing at least half a dozen. Together with Dhalrane and her Fiadhaiche unit, the soldiers manage to drive off the partisans. It turns out that the company was sent to escort the exarch's son, Kadmus, to a town in the province of Markatza. After healing the injured and saving Kadmus's life, Panos, the company leader shows his gratitude by giving Dhalrane a white jade amulet.

The preachers of the Light of Kyra help recruit more men and women to the cause, while disagreements between Panma, Vardaas's second-in-command, and Kyra flare up again. Panma openly shows her disdain for Kyra, accusing her of being dishonourable and manipulative. Kasiya, the high preacher of the cult, threatens to cut of Panma's tongue if she doesn't stop spreading lies about Ramala. They come to terms, agreeing that they have more urgent matters to attend to than their differences.

While Sarachai performs his morning prayers and meditation, an old man named Bisma asks the monk to take him to the village of Maress. The Harimau monk is led to believe that its not far from the hideout, and agrees to help the man. What he doesn't realize is that Maress is located two and a half days walk from fortress, not a couple of hours. Facing both bandits and demons, Bisma and Sarachai finally arrive in Maress.

As Kyra predicted two weeks earlier, the Thanolese Defence Force arrives at dusk. A standard-bearer asks Kyra to surrender the pieces of the Kaia Stone she so wrongfully stole from them. She refuses. Partisan scouts notice that the soldiers are constructing siegeweapons, but Kyra quickly prevents them from ever being completed.

The following morning, the partisans and the Thanolese Defence Force battle. Although the defenders seem to have the upper hand at first, the tides quickly turn, as the defenders realize that the invaders have constructed siegeworks out of sight, behind the trees in the southern flank. In a desperate move, Kyra uses her powers to transport herself as close as possible. She gazes upon not one, but two siege engines, accompanied by a chained Vulthok each. Kyra burns them to the ground and hurries back.

Vulthoks are released upon the battlefield and Kyra attempts to sway them to their side, but she soon finds out that they will not easily be persuaded. Despite her efforts, the Vulthoks only hack down the partisans, leaving the invaders alone. When all seems lost, the defenders are dazzled by hundreds of swords coming down from the hills in the east. Kyra recognizes the warrior leading them: it's Pharizad! With renewed hope and hundreds of Arshanians on their side, the defenders defeat the Thanolese Defence Force.

Session XXI on 3/5-08

The Dark Messiah contacts Dhalrane telling her that the Scyllian army has stopped marching towards Naill. She will try to convince the Thanolese Council of the wisdom of making a non-aggression pact with Caelirians, in hope of preventing further unnecessary bloodshed. The Dark Messiah agrees with Dhalrane that the greatest threat to the island is Kyra's quest to obtain the last piece of the Kaia Stone.

Dhalrane dwells into her subconscious mind, accessing the collective memories of her heritage. She learns a lot and what happened to those that tried to use the Kaia Stone thousand of years ago. The following morning, Dhalrane makes contact with a Green Army agent that reveals the location of Vardaas's new base.

Meanwhile Kyra, Gwaru, Sarachai and Pako are already in the new base, setting up a meeting with Vardaas and the Green Army. Kyra tells him that she has the third piece and a powerful weapon called the Dawnbow that might turn the tide of the battle. Kyra implores him to use his Green Army against the Scyllian city of the Aegalis, where the last piece is held. She also warns him of Dhalrane, that they no longer fight the same cause.

Soon after, Dhalrane arrives with Izattva and two Caelirians. Dhalrane presents her case to Vardaas, warning him that the Kaia Stone cannot save them. She tells him that the Caelirian resistance group called Fiadhaiche wants to make an alliance with the Green Army. Dhalrane also warns Vardaas that the Kaia Stone is not the salvation of the island, and that the Scyllians are actually protecting it from falling into the wrong hands. Why else would they not use it against their enemies?

Vardaas returns from council, gathering them all in his room. He tells them that uniting the Kaia Stone is the key to victory. Vardaas turns down Fiadhaiche's offer. He tells Dhalrane that he has been advised that they cannot ally themselves with those that wish to prevent the unification of the Kaia Stone.

Dhalrane returns to Fiadhaiche's hideout with news about what Vardaas told her. Caralyna seems optimistic about an eventual alliance with the Scyllians, now that the Green Army has turned them down. Haludara returns, telling Caralyna and Dhalrane that Mallera was hard to persuade. Mallera said that she will never yield to non-Caelirian power unless they bow to the Queen of Naill. However, they are willing to open up talks with the Scyllians, as their Caelirian scouts report that the impending Scyllian army has withdrawn from Naill territory.

They learn that the Thanolese National Army moves against the new secret hideout of the Green Army. Kyra starts building up defences with the help of the Kaia Stone. On the behalf of Kyra, the Ramala cult sends out their preachers to spread the word that Ramala has returned to them. They are to tell those that believe in Thalathanism that they must rally against the Scyllians. Gwaru and Sarachai are sent to convince the Revolutionary Guard of Thano to join the Green Army. With a letter from Vardaas, they successfully persuade her to ally themselves with the Green Army against the Scyllian occupiers. Gwaru and Sarachai quickly arrive back in base and Gwaru decides to travel in bird form towards the Phanarien royalists in the south, hoping to enlist their aide as well.

During the night, Kyra has a vision that warns her that Vardaas will be assassinated by five individuals. She travels back with the help of her magic, arrived just when the assassins are about to strike the sleeping Arshanian; his guards lying dead on the stone floor. She successfully teleports him out of harm's way. Unfortunately, Kyra is too late and he dies from the poison. His dying wish is for a woman called Panma to take over the Green Army. Kyra carries him back to the base and informs them of Vardaas's demise.

Session XX on 15/3-08

Dhalrane and Gwaru patiently wait for Kyra to come down and meet them in the tea house, but she never arrives. Searching through her room, they realize that all her belongings, including the two shards of the Kaia Stone are missing. Murkha senses the signature of magic in her room, and they assume she has gone looking for the third piece. Tracing back Kyra's footsteps, they learn from agents of the Green Army that Kyra has conversed with the warrior-monk Sarachai. The Harimau tells them that she asked him for directions to a Scyllian fortress in the northwest.

Dhalrane gather that she has gone looking for the third shard, and fear that it might fall into the hands of the Scyllians. Sarachai asks them if they need help finding the fortress and they decide to take up his offer. Murkha says that there is a faster way to the Ayak Talnaka, and that is through the Hidden World. Blind-folded, they suddenly arrive outside the third tower. They devise a plan to take them inside the fortress, with Murkha holding up the soldiers waiting on the other side. Yet again, they stand before the Iron-Faced Prince that tried to stop them taking the second piece of the Kaia Stone. While facing of the Iron-Faced Prince, Dhalrane lands a well-aimed strike against his face, bringing him down to disabled. He burns a Conviction point to recover from his condition but is put down by their combined efforts. With Murkha distracting the defenders of the fortress, they make way to the tower on the hill. Suprisingly, Kyra walks out form the tower's gate and the Scyllian enforcers doesn't prevent her. Kyra tells them she has still has the three pieces of the Kaia stone and recovered the Dawnbow.

Dhalrane decides she has had enough. Combined with Kyra's poor judgement and recklessness, Dhalrane is convinced that Kyra is poorly suited as being the agent for the future of Langundowi's people. During a brief lapse, Dhalrane lunges towards Kyra with blazing blades cutting and stabbing at Kyra. The Caelirian quickly brings her down to the ground, gravely wounded, but Sarachai intervenes by knocking Dhalrane stone-cold. Brought back to health by Sarachai's amulet, everybody escapes, except Dhalrane and Izattva who are left behind in the chaos.

When Dhalrane recovers, they promptly flee the fortress, slipping into the safety of the rainforest. Izattva informs Dhalrane that Fiadhaiche presence is strong within this region, and they should try to get help from them. She makes contact with a Fiadhaiche leader named Caralyna. From the leader, Dhalrane learns that two battalions (approximately 1000 warriors) of the Scyllian Army moves against the last free province of the Caelirian people in the northeast. Caralyna lends Dhalrane the aid of two trusted sorcerers and a diplomat, hoping to make a possible alliance between the Green Army and the Caelirian resistance movements in Legaia.

Dhalrane arrives in Legaia only to learn that the Green Army has abandoned the town. Green Army informants cannot tell her exactly where, since Ramala (Kyra) told them where to move. Because she promised Caralyna to speak on her behalf with the Green Army, she decides to find them where ever they are.

While resting in the outskirts of Legaia, she encounters a gaunt, hooded woman about the same height as Kyra, but obviously not her. She tells Dhalrane that she is known as the Dark Messiah and owes allegiance to the Scyllians. The Dark Messiah knows of Dharlane's attempt at the life of the false seer and wants to help her accomplish the deed. Not trusting the woman one bit, Dhalrane informs her that she knows that the Scyllian army moves against Laurgain in north-eastern Langundowi. She wants them to stop. The dark woman makes a promise to Dhalrane that there will be no further aggression towards the colonies of the Caelirian people, if the Caelirian revolutionary fighters surrender themselves. Only then will they resolve their disputes through peaceful negotiations and discuss the possibility of a non-aggression pact between the Caelirians and the Scyllians.

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