"Without our land we are not a people."
—Aashiq, Nibaza herder, Amaratian Desert.

The Shrubmen, who call themselves the Nabi or Nibaza, were the original people who lived in the Amaratian Desert before it was claimed by the warlike Amarati. The Shrubmen are peaceful, pastoral nomads, similar to the Harash, but lives in the desert to the far south, moving from place to place in search for water and fresh pasture in the hills. The Shrubmen make decisions among themselves and have no status hierarchies.

The traditional headdress is called howli. Different styles and colour identifies which tribe he or she belongs to. They wear long loose-fitting robes to shield the skin and prevent the body from sweating too much. They make simple huts, built frames from heavy branches and the roof and walls are made from dried grass.

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