Shoal-people uprisings

The shoal-people uprisings were one major and five smaller uprisings by the Cacalda and the shoal-people tribes against the Order of the Blade. It took place during the Palalangan Wars. The Order was a Thalathanist military order sent by the Pahanari king to conquer and convert the shoal-people to Thalathanism. Most uprisings took place around the human-built town of Azima, which was located ground sacred to the shoal-people.


Phase I: Azima lost to Cacalda

The first uprising occured in Azima, when Cacalda seized control of the town by killing the Pahanari commissioner. The rest of the citizens were held as hostages. The area itself was heavily dependent on reinforcements from the coastal cities, and the shoal-people managed to hold the occupiers by harassing and threatening to kill innocents. The Order of the Blade managed to overthrow the shoal-people after a year of minor skirmishes.

Phase II: The great shoal-people uprising

The second uprising was the largest defeat suffered by the Order of the Blade. When the armigers retired for the night, one half of the Cacalda circled around to climb the hills, while the other half went straight ahead through the rainforest. The armigers were surrounded. The Order lost nine armigers and over 400 militias.

Phase III: The Order seizes Azima

The third uprising was a brief conflict between the Order of the Blade and the shoal-people in Azima. The armigers incorporated the town into their western province, something that made the shoal-people furious. This led to violence between the shoal-people and the Kedayuh and Pahanari soldiers stationed there. The uprising was quickly quelled.

Phase IV: Natural disaster

The fourth uprising was caused by an unfortunate mud-flow in Azima, which almost wiped out the entire Order. The mud-flow cut off the only route to the Order's garrison in the north. Desperate and outnumbered, unable to retreat to their compounds, the Pahanari had little choice but to stay put and wait for help. But reinforcements were slow and the longer they stayed, coupled with the destruction wrought by the mudflat, the more aggravated the situation became until the shoal-people revolted. Finally, the Pahanari were supplied with more troops and one by one, the insurgents surrendered and the uprising ended in 4527.

Phase V: Seeking independence

The fifth uprising broke out between shoal-people and the Kedayuh when the nonhumans sought alliance with sirena and siyokoy. The uprising started largely because the shoal-people tribes sought independence from the Order of the Blade, while the local Kedayuh and Pahanari rulers did not.

Phase VI: Brief uprising

The sixth and final uprising was a two-month war of the Cacalda against the Pahanari and Order of the Blade. The humans were defeated.

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