Saradindu was a king who ruled the Phurahan kingdom. He reigned from 4066 to 4069. Saradindu was older brother to Kamanadas. He was best known for fighting against the invading Karwaris hill tribes that wished to destroy their kingdom. When Kamanadas became ill, he relinquished the throne and gave his power to Saradindu.

In 4069, Amaranatha assassinated Saradindu to seize his position and thus provoked a revolt led by lieutenant Durmada. Unable to face Durmada's forces on equal terms, Amaranatha requested reinforcements from Haolang. The Sang army entered Phurahan and Durmada's army was defeated at the Battle of Mathuri River and executed. Saradindu's wife, Maimana, and son Aravinth escaped persecution.

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