Sangha (country)
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Land of the mahomanay
Location Suwarnabumi, islands in the the Kaliyatra Ocean, west of Langa
Area 1,825 sq mi (4,726 km2)
Terrain highlands in the north and south, rounded hills, some mountains
Climate tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Population 250,000
Ethnic groups Mahomanay, Langanese, shoal-people
Religions Animism
Languages Mahomanay 85%, Langanese 10%, other 5%
Type Oligarchy
Capital Sangha
Largest city Sangha
Main exports None

Sangha, also known as the Garden of Tranquil Beauty, is a nonhuman kingdom in the east Kaliyatra Ocean. It comprises an archipelago of 22 islands of various sizes, one-fourth of them inhabited. The mahomanay has watched over the land for ages past, until Langanese settlers from Jukang claimed it.

The island of Sangha is mainly populated by the mahomanay, who are said to have lived in the surrounding forests for thousands of years. Sangha has a clan-based matriarchal society, with a ruling female elected for life by a council of elder mahomanay women. Each clan is self-sufficient and self-governing. Although they maintain their own fighting forces and police themselves, they do not believe in the concept of holding territory; they view themselves as caretakers only, rather than owner of the land. Property, in the form weapons, housing, and personal belongings "belong" to the clan.

Sangha is the only mahomanay settlement and capital of the island. While the inland belong to the mahomanay, human communities, mostly holding camps for Langanese and shoal-people live off the southern coast. They've built a Nagaist shrine to protect them from harshness of the open sea.

Sangha has a wealth of Suwarnabumi fauna, including large species such as the tiger, rhinoceros, and orangutan.


As far back as the mahomanay can remember, Sangha has always been in their care. For thousands of years, these indigenous nonhumans have watched over the untamed wilderness, trying to leave it as unspoiled as possible. By the late 3000's, Langanese explorers tried to battle through the thick jungle of the Sangha, hoping to find a place to settle. At the time, the mahomanay fled to the hills. But there were those among them who felt that abandoning their rightful place as caretakers of the Sangha rainforest to the humans was not only wrong, but harmful to the earth itself. Led by Sang Chantou, the mahomanay struggled to reclaim their ancestral home.

After Kaliyatra invaded Jukang, the mahomanay fought with the Kaliyatran Emperor against the Langanese. Because they had helped him in the war, Sangha was given back to the mahomanay and Mau Kunthea became its new queen.

Important sites

Conflicts and intrigues

There are many parts of Sangha that remain unexplored. Most of it is thick unexplored rainforest, jungle, and swamp land. Sightings of a mysterious looking creature have been reported by the Shoal-people. Since sightings are often vague and contradictory, there is no evidence that this creature does exist.

The Langanese from the fallen kingdom of Jukang still oppose both the Kaliyatra and the mahomanay who fought against them. These rebellious humans raid and kidnap people from villages, terrorizing the inhabitants of Sangha.

Another increasing problem for the mahomanay are humans trying to exploit the island's natural resources, including timber and metal ore. This has forced the mahomanay to maintain fighting forces of their own to drive them away.

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