Salangara kingdom

Salangara (3913-4268) was a Thalathanist Langanese kingdom. The kingdom was not far from present-day Champaka on northern Langa island. It's economy was heavily based around agriculture, especially the cultivation of rice. Campaka, the capital city of Salangara was located far inland by the Sangasa river valley. Other than agriculture, the Salangara people were also animal farmers.

Unlike the Kaliyatra at the time, Salangara had a standing army, mainly of Achariyan and Kedayuh slaves.

In 4188, Salangara captured Taksaka from Kaliyatra. it wasn't until the Salangara kingdom's defeat in 4270 that the Kaliyatra managed to recapture the city. The kingdom's influence on the region began to decline until it was absorbed into Kaliyatra, which led to the formation of the Kaliyatra Empire.

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