Sahadur Revolt

The Sahadur Revolt (1143-1147) against the Phanaric Empire was a major rebellion by the Achariyans of the island of Kifaru. Sometimes known as the White Banner Rebellion.

The Sahadur revolt helped Pharizad to create an independent state in Achariya.


Sahadur was a goat-herder of Achariyan ancestry. He became a prominent warrior-slave and commander of four garrisons on Kifaru when the Phanariens took control of the island. With so many troops under his disposal, Sahadur began a secret rebellion against the Phanaric palace in Tufani, known as the White Banner Rebellion. Sahadur was well-liked, even among his enemies. Officers that surrendered to him were treated with respect and often chose to join his ranks when defeated.

Early Achariyan success

The Achariyans of Adila rallied with Sahadur in a revolt against the Phanariens. Most of the battle took place in Tufani, and the city fell to the insurgents. Achariyans were allowed to stay and held the city for many years. Sahadur moved quickly to the north, capturing the city of Hakika within the year. After that, he declared himself Khan of Achariya, land of the Achariyans.

The end of the revolt

In 1145, Sahadur attacked the fortress of Aidah, but failed to capture it after a month long siege. The lands held by the Achariyans were lost to the Phanaric Empire. After the capture and execution of Sahadur in 1147, Achariya was finally conquered and the revolt faded.

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