The heroes of the Suwarnabumi are above ordinary mortals. Whether classic figures from popular tales, or extraordinary individuals, they personify the spirit and virtues of great warriors, the great thinkers and the great mystics. Each of the five roles detailed below serves as an example of a typical role found in their society. Each example assumes an Intelligence score of +0, and does not take into account extra skills or feats gained from a character's background.

Adept: Someone initiated and trained in the supernatural.
Expert: Someone with a strong affinity for skills.
Guru: Someone with knowledge of the universe and enlightened wisdom.
Martial Artist: Someone who is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and self-defence.
Warrior: Someone who focuses solely on combat.


Adepts summon or command spirits by reciting the names of Veraist guardian spirits, burning incense, reading sacred texts aloud, ritual offerings and praise. But using spirits for harmful and selfish purposes is strictly forbidden and considered black magic by the major religions. Some characters even use religion to gain legitimacy and avoid being labelled as sorcerers or dark magicians. Such adepts often serve as a spiritual leader and religious authority. The greater the skills and capabilities of an adept wants to attain, the greater the sacrifice and requirements they must fulfil. When someone exerts his or her will against the universe, they disrupts the balance, knowing that every action has an equal reaction. Known adepts include mystics, ritualists, sorcerers, Veraist priests, and witches.

Adept Paths

All adepts must choose a supernatural philosophy (see True20 Companion in Chapter Two). The following sets of skills and feats show some of the more common paths taken by adepts. (The paths assume an Intelligence score of +0).


The traditional shaman, teacher and witch-doctor, or pawang, is innately attuned to the world of spirits. They are hereditary magicians that perform certain spiritual rituals, including traditional healing. Pawangs are often chosen by the spirit, while other times, they can select the spirit themselves. Sick people are brought into the presence of a possessed pawang, who will splash them with holy water to drive the evil out of them.

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom
Starting Skills: Concentration, Craft (herbalism), Diplomacy, Knowledge (life sciences), Knowledge (theology and philosophy), Medicine
Starting Feats: Imbue Item
Starting Powers: Beneficial Possession, Channelling, Cure


Many people believe that sorcerers can cause sickness and miseries, send spirits to possess people, or bestow curses by the gaze of their magical eye. As practitioners of the dark arts, the sorcerer commands respect by possessing secret knowledge. His power comes from his understanding of the supernatural, studying magical books and artefacts. Often called black magic, not that it is evil, but because it is only taught to the initiated. Like shaman, sorcerers enslave a spirit for personal use. While some sorcerers are evil, most use their long-sightedness and powers for good.

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Charisma
Starting Skills: Concentration, Knowledge (supernatural), Language, Survival
Starting Feats: None
Starting Powers: Curse, Mind Touch, Pain, Summon Spirit


Often sent to investigate and observe supernatural occurrences, a witchhunter relies on his training and inherent power to protect the world from the harmful use of dark magic and witchcraft. Witchhunters are trained by the Vamachara.

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom
Starting Skills: Gather Information, Knowledge (behavioural sciences), Notice, Survival
Starting Feats: Track
Starting Powers: Psychic Shield, Second Sight, Sense Minds


Experts range from courtiers and diplomats to travelling artists and storytellers, from shrewd traders with an eye for profit to cunning thieves looking for an easy mark. Some experts choose to focus on the ability to handle any social situation, while others emphasize physical skills allowing them to avoid unwanted entanglements, including with the law.

Expert Paths

The following sets of skills and feats show some of the more common paths taken by experts. (The paths assume an Intelligence score of +0).

Freelance Spy

"A secret is like a bird: when it leaves my hand it takes wing," is a common saying amongst those that make it a habit of being in the right place at the right time. This secret agent uses deception and subversion to obtain news and information that might be of interest to others, whether its for a government, secret society, or himself. All information the spy collects is for sale, but only for the right price.

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Charisma
Starting Skills: Bluff, Disguise, Gather Information, Notice, Perform (acting), Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Starting Feats: Benefit (alternate identity), Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Well-Informed


A highwayman has been held accountable for a crime he committed, or perhaps he did not. Whatever the case, the highwayman is often braided with a visible mark, such as burnt tattoo on the forehead, cheek or hands, making it impossible to find honest work. He uses the wilderness as a refuge to hide from the authorities. They operate in small areas and try to maintain the goodwill of the local people. But cooperating with a highwayman is considered an act of outlawry in itself, so most ordinaries avoid helping or even talking to known criminals.

Key Abilities: Wisdom, Charisma
Starting Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (streetwise), Notice, Stealth, Survival
Starting Feats: Challenge (Fast Diplomacy), Inspire, Sneak Attack, Weapon Training


The professional hunter, or shikari, is a skilled stalker and survivalist. He has knowledge about the world around him and knows his prey in deadly detail. These skills allow him to survive in the wilderness, to find his prey and to avoid detection. Knowledge of his enemies makes him more capable of finding and defeating such foes.

Key Abilities: Strength, Dexterity
Starting Skills: Climb, Jump, Knowledge (life sciences), Medicine, Notice, Stealth, Survival, Swim
Starting Feats: Light Armour Training, Point Blank Shot, Track, Weapon Training


The guru role is essentially a more supernatural version of the expert. They focus on developing knowledge skills and imparting both insight and experience to guide others to liberation. Examples of scholars include alchemists, bonesetters, diviners, herbalists, lorekeepers and revered teachers.

The guru role has the following features:

Role Type: Expert
Combat Progression: Slow (2 points). The combat bonus is equal to 1/2 the character's guru levels.
Skill Progression: 6 + Int (1.5 points)
Feat Access: 4 from Expert, Adept or General (0.5 points)
Save Progression: Good Will, Normal Fortitude and Reflex (0 points)
Power Progression: Slow, Unlimited (1 point). The guru's power rank is equal to half his adept levels (rounded up) +1. Gurus use Intelligence as key ability for powers.
Core Ability: Lore

Guru Paths

The following sets of skills and feats show some of the more common paths taken by gurus. (The paths assume an Intelligence score of +0).

Fortune Seeker

Intelligent and athletic, sometimes reckless, the life of a fortune seeker is built around confronting the unknown, focusing on the deadliest dangers where they lurk unnoticed or unseen. Fortune Seekers are often independent, making a living as both archaeologist and an adventurer. He is self sufficient, with access to a wide variety of skills and abilities that can help him deal with nearly any situation.

Key Abilities: Strength, Intelligence
Starting Skills: Climb, Jump, Knowledge (history), Notice, Search, Stealth
Starting Feats: Contacts, Improved Strike, Skill Mastery (Climb, Gather Information, Notice, Search)
Starting Powers: Object Reading


The oracle is an authoritative figure who divines the future. She is not concerned with time and have no attachment to either wealth or men. Whether she relies on observing signs and omens, falling into trances, following the motion of objects or animals, or simply interpreting dreams, the oracle is highly respected in her community. The oracle serves as a spiritual guide and religious leader.

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Charisma
Starting Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Knowledge (astrology)[6] Knowledge (theology and philosophy), Perform (oratory), Sense Motive
Starting Feats: Fascinate, Natal Astrology
Starting Powers: Supernatural Insight, Visions

Tattoo Monk

Tattoo monks practice the art of imbuing symbols or yantras with magic powers. For centuries, these monks have bestowed upon their warriors protection from harm, stopping arrows mid-flight, wards against evil spirits and bad luck. These tattoos have images of snakes, tigers, birds, Veraist symbols and images. Receiving such a tattoo also brings responsibility; the wearer must conduct himself a certain way or the tattoo's power is lost.

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom
Starting Skills: Concentration, Craft (tattooing), Diplomacy, Knowledge (supernatural), Knowledge (theology and philosophy), Notice
Starting Feats: Imbue Item, Skill Mastery (Concentration, Craft [tattooing], Knowledge [supernatural], Sense Motive)
Starting Powers: Enhance Ability, Ward

Martial Artist

Martial artists are students of ancient unarmed combat techniques linked to spiritual and religious beliefs. They rely on speed, skill and agility instead of heavy armour. Some even eschew weapons altogether. Martial artist's may include assassins, brawlers, duellists, master swordsmen, and warrior-monks.

The martial artist role has the following features:

Role Type: Warrior
Combat Progression: Fast (Unarmed), Medium (Armed) (3.5 points)
Skill Progression: 4 + Int (1 point)
Feat Access: 3 from Warrior or General, with Improved Strike as a standard feat at 1st level (0 points)
Save Progression: Good Reflex, Normal Fortitude and Will (0 points)
Power Progression: Fast, Singular Power (0.5 points). The martial artist is limited to a single power, or perhaps two very strongly related powers. Martial artists use Wisdom as key ability score for powers.
Core Ability: Flawless Defence

Martial Artist Paths

The following sets of skills and feats show some of the more common paths taken by martial artists. (The paths assume an Intelligence score of +0).

Drunken Master

There are very few people who willingly seek to become drunken masters. Most are suffering or have been through something so horrible that she just starts drinking. Perhaps she fights better drunk, or just enjoys to drink and fight. Most drunken masters tend die of alcohol poisoning before becoming famous. Drunken masters are common among the Kedayuh people.

Key Abilities: Dexterity, Constitution
Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Escape Artist, Jump
Starting Feats: Drunken Boxing, Improved Strike, Improvised Weapon Training, Tough

Fierce Brawler

The fierce brawler is a wrestler that relies on devastating kicks, punches, and back-breaking grapples. He gives and takes no quarter. Fierce brawlers tend to be reckless, very rarely planning their offence, and even less often planning defence. Their drive and determination are legendary.

Key Abilities: Strength, Constitution
Starting Skills: Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge (streetwise), Sense Motive
Starting Feats: Chokehold, Crushing Pin, Improved Grab, Improved Strike

Shadow Warrior

Shadow warriors are mountain ascetics that favoured the adoption of Veraism but were forced into exile at the hands of Kaliyatran forces. As insidious spies and assassins, they are among the most dreaded enemies of the Kaliyatra Empire. Few state soldiers live to tell the tale of his or her encounter with a shadow warrior. Being outnumbered against the overwhelming might of Imperial army, shadow warriors send their rebel troops to assassinate their opponents rather than engage them in formal combat. Their use of deception and occult powers inspires awe and terror in its enemies.

Key Abilities: Dexterity, Intelligence
Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Jump, Stealth
Starting Feats: Improved Strike, Nerve Pinch, Weapon Training
Starting Powers: Shadow Shaping


The warrior is the basic combatant of the six of heroic roles. Most warriors focus on combat prowess and weapon selection while some prefer stealth and cunning over martial skill. Many are crafty veterans who use their knowledge of the battlefield to gain an advantage against their opponents. Warriors include disciplined soldiers, fierce corsairs, greedy mercenaries, zealous soldiers, and vigilant bodyguards.

Warrior Paths

The following sets of skills and feats show some of the more common paths taken by warriors. (The paths assume an Intelligence score of +0).


On the most isolated islands, there are men and women who prey on each other with machete-like blades and wooden shields. Headhunters, as they are called, are fierce native warriors who practice the act of head-hunting. Great rewards come to those who collect the heads of fallen foes, not as trophies, but to insure the continued prosperity of their home communities.

Key Abilities: Dexterity, Wisdom
Starting Skills: Bluff, Notice, Stealth, Survival
Starting Feats: Fearless, Seize Initiative, Shield Training, Weapon Training


Hailing from the lost fighting school of Katari, these Thalathanist warrior-ascetics hone their skills by focusing on a single melee weapon. As masters of the blade, they use their weapon of choice as an extension of their limbs. Meditation and the correct state of mind is essential for the swordmaster's pursuit of perfection and balance.

Key Abilities: Dexterity, Intelligence
Starting Skills: Concentration, Bluff, Notice, Sense Motive
Starting Feats: Canny Dodge, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Weapon Training

Wandering Hero

Wandering heroes are like outlaws; misfits and cast out from society for whatever reason, but still tries to uphold fairness, justice, and honour wherever they go. She prizes personal freedom over conformity, her own principles above strict laws and customs. While she excels in personal combat, she is more akin to a duellist or hired sword than a professional soldier. Most wandering heroes are just passing through, wandering heroes never stick around long enough to benefit from the work they do. It is not uncommon for them to join like-minded individuals and rise together against a common threat.

Key Abilities: Dexterity, Charisma
Starting Skills: Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (streetwise), Sleight of Hand
Starting Feats: Attack Focus (sword), Defensive Attack, Light Armour Training, Weapon Training

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