Revolutionary Guard of Thano

The Revolutionary Guard of Thano or simply the Revolutionary Guard is a Harash rebel group led by Halima. The Guard is a 400-strong armed with recurved bows and lamellar armour. It was formed after the Harash Uprisings as a response to the atrocities they suffered at the hands of the Phanariens. The Guard suffered a number of horrendous defeats and soon fell to banditry. Later, the Guard reformed in the wake of the Phanarien withdrawal, fighting alongside the Scyllians and the Thanolese nationalists in uniting Thano under a single government.

Dissatisfied with the lack of progress, uncertainty and restrictions, the Guard defected and started a resistance movement that wished to make Beltza their own country. They fought in the Seven Years War against the Scyllian Expeditionary Force. The Revolutionary Guard fights as a regular army, holding and taking territory, as well as conducting raids with the Scyllian forces. Halima recently made an alliance with the Green Army.

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