Red Lotus War

The Red Lotus War was a civil war that lasted six years (4033-4039) between royal forces and Nagaist Harathi rebels in Phurahan which lasted from 4033 until 4036. The war was started by the Red Lotus with the aim of overthrowing the monarchy. More than 10,000 to 15,000 people were killed as result of the war.

The military conflict resulted in the destruction of the Red Lotus, and the further weakening of the power of the Phurahan monarchy. Well established religious groups gained political power by uniting farmers in rebellion against the rule of the king. The most successful were the monks of the Kumara Monastery who formed numerous groups of farmers, monks and local priests who rose up against Phurahan rule. The monks secured an independent state in the Principality of Ghani for almost 150 years.

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