Ranna kingdom

The Ranna kingdom (4162 - 4289) was an early nagari kingdom. Ranna was a bitter rival power to the Tarangaratna kingdom.


During the Tarangaratna-Ranna Wars (4125 - 4150), the Ranna kingdom brought Tarangaratna to its knees. Ranna allied themselves with several Harathi hill tribes, who had grown tired of their despotic and tyrannical ruler. With the fall of Chamalinga, King Dharapati was dethroned and his kingdom absorbed into Ranna.

The Ranna kingdom met its demise in 4289 during the reign of King Shalya VII. Khuyen forces from Haolang attacked the Ranna kingdom. Shaiya decided to fight back and protect his kingdom, but was forced to submit to the emerging Khuyen army. This brought an end to the kingdom as a whole.

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