Ramala's fortress

Ramala's Fortress, also known as the Green Fortress, is the base of operations for the Green Army. Kyra rebuilt the old Pahanari stronghold and it is now a powerful defensive structure with siegecrafts and a moat surrounding all flanks. Escape tunnels have also been installed to allow its defenders to flee at a moments notice, but can also be used for offensive purposes behind enemy lines.


Originally built by the Pahanari settlers in 4467 as a defence against increasing incursions by the shoal-people, the stronghold was largely abandoned by 4582. Nearly a decade later, Kyra rediscovered the fortress in western Palalangan. It became the new hideout for the Green Army, who at the time was trying to avoid the Kaliyatra soldiers searching the rainforest for insurgents.

Due to spies within the Green army, its location was discovered by the Palalangan Defence Force and they sent two battalions against the unsuspecting partisans. But Kyra's Sight allowed her to predict the upcoming assault and she made preparations to prevent their progress. Gwaru and Sarachai managed to recruit the Pahanari Revolutionary Guard to their cause. During the Battle of Ramala's Fortress, much of the stronghold was destroyed.

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