The Phuong are the aboriginal people inhabiting the rainforests of the Hao peninsula.

Most of the Phuong are believed to have migrated to the region over a long period of time. The Sang inhabiting the lowlands traditionally regard the Phuong as inferior, calling them Budak, which means "slave" and were often exploited by the Sang as slaves. The persecution of the Phuong caused them to retreat even deeper into the jungle areas.

Because of antipathy between the Phuong and the Sang, the Phuong have developed better relations with the Harathi-speaking peoples in the north, whom they trade with extensively with. Like the Harathi, the Phuong practice Veraism.

The houses of the Phuong are made out of bamboo and consist of two floors. The first floor is designed as a warehouse for food and a stable for livestock animals, whereas the second is designed to house the family. The chimney is located in the center of the house.

The Phuong are traditionally divided into small clans, Each Phuong clan owns their own land. Villages and towns used their own burial grounds, which were also divided by clans. Unlike other Hao peoples, the Phuong buried the deceased. The only exception was when someone died due to supernatural causes, in which they were instead cremated.

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