Animism is the belief that all things have a soul or spirit, including inanimate objects and places. These people are blessed with the gift of seeing spirits, exorcising spirits and returning souls to their rightful owners. In a sense, they are religious magicians, taking the role of shamans, healers, and spiritual guides. Like priests are rulers in house of worship, shamans and medicine-men are rulers in the house of the sick. A person becomes a shaman through hereditary or bestowed with the supernatural knowledge by a powerful spirit. Animism cannot be learned or studied. Unlike the exorcist, shamans specialize in curing the body from injury and sickness. With their spiritual insight and power, he can control the element of fire and communicate the the dead through trances, vision quests, and dreams. More often than not, shamans are male.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Medicine
Key Ability: Wisdom
Canonical Powers: Beast Speech, Beneficial Possession, Bind Spirit, Body Control, Fertility, Ghost Touch, Heart Reading, Nature Reading, Psychic Reflection, Psychic Shield, Scrying, Second Sight, Self-Shaping, Summon Spirit, Spirit Sense, Trance, Visions
Barred Powers: Command Undead, Corrupting Shadow, Drain Vitality, Fleshing Shaping, Illusion, Imbue Unlife, Mind Shaping, Summon Apparition, Teleport


Divination is the art of predicting the future. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen Nagari oracles in the ancient times. These records of the divinations performed were inscribed on the oracle bones. There are various methods of divination, including astrology (by celestial bodies), bibliomancy (by books), necromancy (by spirits of the dead), osteomancy (by bones), and palmistry (by palms).

Game Information

Prerequisites: Visions
Key Ability: Intelligence
Canonical Powers: Heart Reading, Mind Touch, Nature Reading, Object Reading, Scrying, Second Sight, Sense Minds, Supernatural Insight, True Vision, Truth-Reading, Visions
Barred Powers: Elemental Blast, Illusion, Teleport


Spirits of the elements dwell in everything. There are a few rare magicians born with the talent to get spirits to do their bidding. Such individuals become practitioners of elemental magic, or elementalism. The Hao tradition uses five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, with slight variations between different religious and elemental deities. In Thalathanism, Wood becomes Wind, and Metal becomes Void, while Veraism, there is only three elements: Water, Void/Fire, and Earth. The opposed elements are as following: Wood parts Earth, Fire melts Metal, Earth absorbs Water, Metal chops Wood, and Water quenches Fire.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Knowledge (physical sciences)
Key Ability: Intelligence
Sample Canonical and Barred Powers by Element:

Wood: Cure, Elemental Aura, Elemental Resistance, Energy Shaping, Fertility, Heart Reading, Imbue Life, Nature Reading, Plant Shaping, Second Sight, Supernatural Speed, True Vision, Weather Shaping, Wind Shaping, Wind Walk: Barred: Command Undead, Earth Shaping, Imbue Unlife, Mind Touch, Speak with Dead, Metal Shaping, Summon Apparition

Fire: Blast Redirection, Boil Blood, Elemental Aura, Elemental Blast, Elemental Weapon, Fire Shaping, Harm, Infuse Projectiles, Light Shaping, Purifying Light, Truth-Speaking, Suggestion: Barred: Cold Shaping, Metal Shaping, Mind Touch, Water Shaping

Earth: Bliss, Body Control, Calm, Earth Shaping, Elemental Aura, Elemental Resistance, Enhance Ability, Fasting, Psychic Reflection, Psychic Shield, Supernatural Insight, Ward: Barred: Cold Shaping, Illusion, Plant Shaping, Water Shaping

Metal: Beneficial Possession, Channelling, Danger Sense, Drain Vitality, Enhance Senses, Flesh Shaping, Life Drain, Metal Shaping, Purifying Light, Object Reading, Self Shaping, Scrying, Suffocate, Visions: Barred: Fire Shaping, Illusion, Manipulate Object, Plant Shaping, Shadow Shaping, Supernatural Speed

Water: Cold Shaping, Command Undead, Elemental Aura, Elemental Blast, Elemental Resistance, Imbue Unlife, Pain, Sleep, Summon Elemental, Void Shaping, Ward, Water Breathing, Water Shaping, Water Walk: Barred: Earth Shaping, Enhance Ability, Fire Shaping, Flesh Shaping, Imbue Life, Move Object


Exorcism is the act of casting out demons and evil spirits. Technically, exorcists do not drive out an evil spirit, but puts it on an oath. It is believed that evil spirits cause maladies and misfortune. Evil spirits do not only harm people, but can actually stand in the way of the will of the Gods. The typical exorcism practice include blowing sacred ash on the person, reciting mantras, and offering the evil spirit sweets to get it to depart. Like spirit binding, exorcism is black magic because it involves binding the supernatural creature to control and command it contrary to its own will.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Knowledge (supernatural) and Knowledge (theology and philosophy)
Key Ability: Wisdom
Canonical Powers: Banishment, Bind Spirit, Body Control, Channelling, Combat Sense, Ghost Touch, Phase, Psychic Shield, Sense Minds, Severance, Speak with Dead, Supernatural Strike, Supernatural Weapon, Truth-Reading, Vigil, Ward
Barred Powers: Corrupting Shadow, Elemental Weapon, Nature Reading, Plant Shaping, Summon Apparition, Summon Outsider, Summon Spirit, Weather Shaping
Perk: When using Supernatural Strike or Supernatural Weapon, the exorcist is treated as having an unarmed attack or weapon with the bane special ability against incorporeal undead and outsiders.
Drawback: Exorcists can only use the Sense Minds, Supernatural Strike and Supernatural Weapon power on incorporeal undead and outsiders.


Gayatri (guy-yah-thri) is a word that means song or hymn in ancient Naga language. Adepts of the Coils of Vishalya have perfected this practice of supernatural powers, chanting mantras three times a day, and through their utterance, bringing righteous wisdom to those who listen. The sound of the mantra are said to positively affect the energy centres in the human body, relieving stress or ache.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Perform (singing)
Key Ability: Charisma
Canonical Powers: Bless, Bliss, Calm, Cure, Cure Poison, Dominate, Enhance Other, Fertility, Heart Reading, Heart Shaping, Mind Shaping, Mind Touch, Sound Shaping, Suggestion
Barred Powers: Command Undead, Elemental Blast, Harm, Imbue Unlife, Shadow Shaping, Void Shaping
Drawback: If you cannot speak, you cannot cast supernatural powers.


Kulam (koo-lam) is a kind of witchcraft practised in Shimah that is regarded as supernatural tradition used to control, injure or curse a person. It is a hereditary supernatural practice similar to voodoo, passed onto children when one of the parents dies. Like pawangs and shamans who commune with the spirits of the natural world, witches consort with demons or evil spirits. Kulam involves the worship or allegiance to supernatural beings other than gods. Kulam-practitioners also use candles, incense, and dolls. This supernatural philosophy is heavily associated with heresy under the established religions (namely, Nagaism and Thalathanism).

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Craft (doll-making) and Knowledge (supernatural)
Key Ability: Charisma
Canonical Powers: Banishment, Beneficial Possession, Channelling, Contagion, Cure, Curse, Dominate, Fire Shaping, Imbue Unlife, Heart Shaping, Mind Reading, Pain, Phase, Scrying, Spirit Sense, Summon Outsider, Trance
Barred Powers: Apport, Blink, Corrupting Shadows*, Elemental Blast, Metal Shaping, Move Object, Purifying Lights, Self Shaping, Summon Beasts, Teleport
Perk: You do not need to establish mental contact if you have something belonging to the victim. You must still have a line of sight of the victim and Psychic Shield (if any) still affects your power check.
Drawback: Kulam is highly stigmatized supernatural philosophy whose practitioners are despised and outlawed, and use of Kulam may attract the attention of malevolent beings.

Palm Healing

Palm healing is an old art of healing commonly practiced among the native Ebon and Oroh. It involves using massage treatment to relax muscles and reset dislocated joints and bone fractures. Palm healers are also known as bonesetters among the Hao.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Medicine
Key Ability: Wisdom
Canonical Powers: Bliss, Body Control, Calm, Cloud Minds, Cure, Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Drain Vitality, Enhance Other, Enhance Senses, Harm, Heart Reading, Heart Shaping, Life Extension, Pain, Severance
Barred Powers: Apport, Corrupting Shadow, Energy Shaping, Fire Shaping, Illusion, Mind Touch, Summon Outsider, Teleport
Perk: When making a Medicine skill check, you can spend a point of Conviction and automatically treat your die roll as 20.
Drawback: If a palm healer cannot touch the intented target, she cannot use her supernatural powers.


The concept of prana, the inner energy or "breath" is said to animate living beings, and is found in almost all martial art styles in Suwarnabumi. Prana connects and pervades everything in the world. All living beings are born because of the accumulation of prana. When it accumulates there is life. When it dissipates there is death. Practitioners can focus this inner energy into a single point when attacking or using it for healing others. Prana is closely associated with fasting and meditative practices in Nagaism and Veraism.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Concentration
Key Ability: Wisdom
Canonical Powers: Body Control, Combat Sense, Cure, Enhance Ability, Fasting, Harm, Pain, Psychic Blast, Second Sight, Supernatural Speed, Supernatural Strike, Trance, Vigil
Barred Powers: Corrupting Shadow, Elemental Blast, Illusion, Shadow Shaping, Teleport


Bomohs or ritualists are highly respected and somewhat feared figures in Laiak society. Combined with their knowledge of medicinal herbs and geomacy, ritualists use incantations, hexes, and animal (or blood) sacrifice to achieve their supernatural powers, sometimes even using cemeteries to summon forth a spirit of the dead or forcing them to obey their commands. Such spirits may have confer curative powers, spread disease in victims or put them in a deep slumber. While not strictly forbidden, the practice of ritual magic is discouraged by the major religions. Powerful ritualists can revive a dead person by putting another soul inside the victim's body. A person brought back in this manner has no will of its own and remains fully under the control of the ritualist.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Knowledge (earth sciences) and Perform (oratory)
Key Ability: Charisma
Canonical Powers: Bind Spirit, Blood Reading, Channelling, Command Undead, Cure, Cure Disease, Curse, Dominate, Ghost Touch, Heart Shaping, Imbue Life, Imbue Unlife, Mind-Reading, Nauseate, Plane Shift, Psychic Blast, Scrying, Sleep, Summon Apparition, Summon Spirit, Ward
Barred Powers: Apport, Beast Link, Bliss, Calm, Enhance Other, Light Shaping, Move Object, Plant Link, Plant Shaping, Purifying Light, Summon Beasts, Teleport, Wind Shaping
Drawback: You cannot hide the use of ritual magic since it requires spoken incantations, incense or sacrifices.


Samhita is a philosophy specific to gurus, involving the collected wisdom and knowledge of the universe. Samhita is not a traditional supernatural philosophy that grants access to supernatural powers. Instead, Samhita uses Imbue Item to create single-use supernatural items. For example, a herbalist imbues his supernatural powers into herbal remedies, while an adimat maker crafts magical charms and amulets, and a tattoo monk uses mystic symbols to enpower magical yantra tattoos.

Game Information

Prerequisites: Trained in Craft, Imbue Item
Key Ability: Wisdom
Canonical Powers: None, See samhitas for more on guru magic.
Barred Powers: All

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