Penzima is a demi-goddess who presides over lust and passion. She is described as the most beautiful of all the bidadari (nymphs), renowned for her fair and radiant complexion.

Legends surrounding Penzima state that she was orphaned as a baby and sent to live in Asubuhi Temple, Langa. Throughout her childhood, she continued her religious education and studied literature, poetry, and other traditional subjects.

Penzima grew to up from being a shy girl to a beautiful, confident woman. She had long, dark hair, big brown eyes, and silky olive complexion. Word of Penzima's grace and beauty soon spread to nearby villages, and people from all around Langa came to the temple. Many proposals came for Penzima's marriage. To prevent confrontation among the patrons, arrangements were made for her to undertake the practise of sacred marriage to Lord Tahamatan. In a sense, she was married to a deity.

Despite growing up within the confines of a temple, she quickly realized what effect she had on humans and nonhumans alike. Penzima grew up to believe that her physical appearance was superior to all others. She became vain and ill-tempered, insulting anyone she considers to be physically unattractive.

Penzima soon grew tired of the temple home, and fled to live in the rainforest with her admirers. In isolated parts of north-western Langa, Penzima enjoys an almost god-like status within her personality cult, the Hands of Penzima.

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