The penanggalan is a humanoid-shaped creature resembling a beautiful woman (rarely a man). Practitioners of black magic, or a woman cursed by sorcery usually ends up becoming a penanggalan. Those who lived in spite and jealously of others might also turn into a penanggalan, often unaware of its condition. They appear as normal women in the day, but become a fearsome, blood-sucking demon at night. In its demon form, a penanggalan separates itself from its body, becoming a floating head, with entrails and a still-beating heart trailing behind it as it hovers through the air. A penanggalan is spawned through the consumption of the creature's saliva or blood, or being afflicted by the penanggal rot disease. During the day, a penanggalan has no special powers or weaknesses.

A penanggalan prefers to subterfuge over open combat, but can hold its own in a fight when necessary. A penanggalan will disable opponents using their Sleep supernatural power, and then either sucks blood or constrict the opponent. They won't hesitate to make use of their Dominate to turn weaker foes into allies.

Game Information


Type: 8th Level Aberration
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (good)
Abilities: Str +5, Dex +2, Con +3, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +3
Skills: Bluff 6 (+9), Craft (any one) 8 (+9), Disguise 6 (+9), Knowledge (supernatural) 8 (+10), Notice 8 (+10), Stealth 4 (+6)
Feats: Improved GrabB, Move-By Action, Night VisionB, Power (6) B, Power, Skill Training, ToughB
Traits: Blood Drain, Constrict, Detach Head, Fast Healing 2, Fear Aura, Flight, Immunities, Penanggal Rot, Powers (rank 11, Cha, save Difficulty 17, Blood Reading +14, Dominate +14, Harm +14, Mind Shaping +14, Mind Touch +14, Move Object +14, Sleep +14), Scent
Combat: Attack +8 (+6 base, +2 Dex), Damage +8 (bite) or +10 (grapple), Defence Dodge/Parry +8/+11 (+6 base, +2 Dex/+5 Str), Initiative +2
Saving Throws: Toughness +8 (+3 Con, +4 natural, +1 Tough), Fortitude +3 (+2 base, +1 Con), Reflex +4 (+2 base, +2 Dex), Will +8 (+6 base, +2 Wis)

Blood Drain: A penanggalan drains blood from a grabbed opponent, dealing 1 point of Constitution damage each round it maintains the hold.

Detach Head: When a penanggalan's head separates from its body, it gains the ability of flight. The head has the same Toughness save as the penanggalan's body.

Fast Healing: Each round a penanggalan gains an extra recovery check with a +2 bonus.

Fear Aura: A penanggalan can radiate a 20-foot radius fear aura as a free action. A creature in the area must succeed on a Difficulty 17 Will save or be affected as though by the fear effect of the Heart Shaping supernatural power. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by the same penanggalan's aura for 24 hours. Other penanggalans are immune to the aura. The save Difficulty is Charisma-based..

Flight: A penanggalan can cease or resume flight as a free action. A penanggalan flies through supernatural means—it does not have wings.

Immunities: Penanggalans have immunity to all mind-influencing effects, including powers that require mental contact.

Penanggal Rot: Supernatural disease—bite; Fortitude Difficulty 16, incubation period instantaneous; damage 2 Con and 2 Cha. The save Difficulty is Charisma-based.

Unlike normal diseases, penanggal rot continues until the character reaches Constitution -5 (and dies) or is cured as described below. Penanggal rot is a powerful curse, not a natural disease. A character attempting to cast any Cure supernatural power on a creature afflicted with penanggal rot must succeed on a Difficulty 20 adept level check, or the power has no effect on the victim. To eliminate penanggal rot, the curse must first be broken with a successful Difficulty 20 Cure Disease check, after which adept level checks are no longer necessary to use healing supernatural powers on the victim, and the penanggal rot can be cured through supernatural means as any normal disease. An afflicted creature who dies of penanggal rot dissolves into a disgusting, fetid pool of bones and liquefied flesh.

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