Paila is an Ebon/Kedayuh Adept, who is gifted in the supernatural art of manipulating the vital life-sustaining force of all living beings. Like many magicians, Paila suffers magic withdrawal if she does not indulge her hunger for supernatural insight and power. She has served the Vamachara for most of her life but is considered unpredictable and dangerous for her lack of control over her powers. Palia was trained by Arugan and is a full member of the Vamachara. She has an obsessive fascination for Arugan, not wanting to stray too far from him. She is deeply hydrophobic.

Game Information

PALIA (3rd-Level Pawang)

Role: Adept 3rd
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Abilities: Str -1, Dex +1, Con +2, Int +1, Wis +3, Cha +0
Skills: Bluff 6 (+6), Concentration 6 (+9), Knowledge (life sciences) 6 (+7), Knowledge (supernatural) 6 (+7), Language 4, Medicine 6 (+9), Sense Motive 6 (+9)
Feats: Canny Dodge, Iron Will, Power (5)
Core Ability: Unstoppable
Traits: Human Background Traits, Power (rank 6, Wis, Save Difficulty 14, Beneficial Possession +9, Blood Shaping +9, Enhance Others +9, Psychic Shield +9, Summon Spirit +9)
Combat: Attack +2 (+1 base, +1 Dex) (+3 with masterwork heavy mace), Damage +2 (masterwork heavy mace, crit 20/+3), Defence Dodge/Parry +5/+0 (+1 base, +1 Dex/-1 Str, +3 Canny Dodge), Initiative +1
Saving Throws: Toughness +2 (+2 Con), Fortitude +3 (+1 base, +2 Con), Reflex +2 (+1 base, +1 Dex), Will +9 (+4 base, +3 Wis, +2 Iron Will)
Conviction: 4, Virtue: Determination, Vice: Selfishness
Languages: Kedayuh, Illanese (Ebon), Kaliyatran, Langanese, Pahanari, Hao
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 127 lb.
Age: 19

Weapons: Masterwork heavy mace (damage +3, crit 20/+3), Dart (damage +1, crit, 20/+3)
Equipment: Glowing rod (masterwork bronze rod imbued wtih Widen Power and 10 charges of Elemental Blast [Fire]), Scroll of disappearance (2) (single use of //Light Shaping [Invisibility], activated by attaching it to a person or object. Lasts for 1 min.), blinding powder (2), poisonous puffball (2), sleeping powder (2), healing salve (2), tiger balm (2), hammock, mosquito net, rations (5 days), torches, travel clothing (2)

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