Palalangan Defence Force
Palalangan Defence Force
Type Revolutionary organization
Founded 4590
Headquarters Palalangan island
Key people Carayanoc
Alanza Aza
Purpose Overthrow the Pahanari government and creation of a free Palalangan state
Affiliations Kaliyatra empire
Kedayuh separatists
Pahanari separatists
Strength 4,000 human irregulars
500 shoal-people

The Palalangan Defence Force (previously the Kedayuh National Army and the East National Alliance) was an alliance of human and nonhuman armed forces in Palalangan who joined the Kaliyatra empire. They had a total strength of 4,500 fighters. Most of its military equipment were supplied by the Kaliyatra. The Defence Force wore dark service uniforms, sandals and broad, red sashes around the waist. They were armed with dagger-axes or spears.


The Defence Force emerged from the scattered remains of the Kedayuh National Army, many who believed that humans and nonhumans could coexist on Palalangan. Fighters were Kedayuh and Palalangan-born Pahanari, while most ranking officers were commissioned from the Kaliyatra Imperial Army regiments.


Before the Battle of Ramala's Fortress, the Defence Force was primarily in conflict with the Green Army, a pro-Pahanari sectarian resistance movement in western Palalangan.

Not much of the Defence Force remains, most were killed at the Battle of Ayahsiras. Those that survived remained Palalangan and returned to their coastal towns and villages across the islands. Members who fought in the Defence Force are honoured annually during a festival celebrating their courage and strength. Both humans and nonhumans uphold this tradition to this day.

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