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Land of the shoal-people
Location Suwarnabumi, islands in the Kaliyatra Ocean, east of the Pahanari Lands
Area 1,542 sq mi (3,994 km2)
Terrain mostly volcanic mountains
Climate tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Population 120,000
Ethnic groups Shoal-people, Kedayuh, Pahanari
Religions Nagaism, Wavestillers, Thalathanism
Languages Lunang 70%, Kedayuh 20%, Pahanari 5%, other 5%)
Type Tribal monarchy
Capital Ayuyang
Largest city Bacunawa
Main exports Obsidian, tin, copper, timber

Palalangan is a tropical island nation in the middle of the Kaliyatra Ocean, east of the Pahanari Lands. It is largely inhabited by shoal-people, sirena and siyokoy, and tiyanak. The Pahanari Commerce Guild managed to colonize and occupy Palalangan for more than 300 years, until the nonhumans rebelled and drove them out. Palalangan is predominately rainforest, except in the north where there are large mangroves, rivers, and lakes. It has high annual rainfall with warm summer wet season and cooler winter dry season. Tigers roam the entire island, while jungle rhinoceros are only found in the south-west. Rhinos are often used as pack animals by the tiyanaks.

It is possibly the largest source of raw obsidian in the entire Suwarnabumi archipelago, with several obsidian flows beneath the surface left by the once active volcanoes. Shoal-people crafters learnt how to extract this mineral-like substance and make durable obsidian goods and razor-sharp obsidian swords for their struggle against the islands' recent occupiers.

Palalangan rarely interferes in human affairs, preferring to be left alone. However, they regularly allow Kaliyatran logging and mining, perhaps in exchange for protection against the Pahanari in the west.


The shoal-people are estimated to have arrived on the islands somewhere between 1000 and 2500, then migrating from the east through the islands of Salunga and moving as far east to Langa and the Nau Islands. Their customs and language indicate that they originated somewhere in Suwarnabumi, but it's unclear exactly where.

Palalangan was a peaceful place with no human influence whatsoever. Among the shoal-people majority, there were also small communities of tiyanak, and even a few scattered harimau troupes. The Pahanari first visited Palalangan in 4296 and settled the southern part of the island, while the northern part was ruled by shoal-people.

In 4590, an alliance of Kaliyatran, Kedayuh, and shoal-people revolted under Pahanari rule, and ended in 4592 with the expulsion of the Pahanari and the creation of an independent shoal-people state.

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