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Padmattiya, "The Land of the Elephants", is a realm of ancient traditions and architecture, with one of the oldest continual civilizations in the world. The kingdom is made up mostly of highlands and mountainous regions stretching up to 6,000 feet. The highest mountain is Mount Charu. Roughly half the land is still covered in rainforest. The vast majority of Sundamanese live in villages of less than 5,000 people.

Padmattiya has gained considerable wealth and prosperity because its soil is rich in timber, copper, coal, precious stones, marble and limestone. It is governed by a council of merchant princes. But where ever there is richness, there is also poverty. Only a minority of Padmattiya's population profit from its abundance of resources.

The city-state of Akkam is among the most affluent of the trading cities in the Suwarnabumi region. The Guild of Merchants and its merchant princes control almost all levels of society and governance. Other influential settlements include Chudarmani, Himavata and Rangini, but not quite as powerful as the capital.


Towns and villages

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