Order of the Rising Tiger
Order of the Rising Tiger
Type Thalathanist military order
Founded ca. mid 4500
Headquarters Nashri Mountain Monastery
Key people Abbot Imara
Purpose Liberation through devotion to Lord Tahmatan and violent resistance against the Kaliyatra empire
Affiliations Pahanari Lands
Thalathanist partisans
Green Army
Strength Less than a hundred

The Order of the Rising Tiger or the Rising Tigers was a Thalathanist military order that perceives the resistance war against the Kaliyatra empire as just, righteous and necessary. They follow Tahamavism and the worship of Lord Tahamatan and his associated personifications as the Supreme Being. Tahamavas aim to break free of the cycle of death and rebirth through devotional service of Tahamatan. Their weapon of choice is the tiger claw or unarmed, and they reject all ranged weapons, poisons, and other weapons that could allow their opponent to escape. However, they had no problem attacking from ambush or using deception to take opponents off guard.

The order notably served the Pahanari against the Kaliyatra in the Palalangan Wars. Sarachai was a harimau and notable member of the order. When the Pahanari lost the war, they withdrew from the island and followed back to the Pahanari Lands.

The Order of the Rising Tiger is now a defunct organization.

Game Information

Followers of the Rising Tiger put emphasis on strength, directness, and stealth. These monks imitate the way of the tiger, striking their enemies using surprise, immediate and sudden, delivering a quick killing blow before they realize what's happening. Traditional feats include the following: Hide in Plain Sight, Night Vision, Skill Focus (Stealth), Sneak Attack, and Stunning Attack. Monastic skill training focuses on Acrobatics, Knowledge (theology and philosophy), and Stealth.

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