Order of the Blade
Order of the Blade
Type Thalathanist military order
Founded c. mid 4200
Headquarters Nashri Mountain Monastery
Tahamatra, Pahanari Lands
Key people Baraka, swordmaster
Purpose Achieve purity of the soul through worship of Tahamatan and the sword
Affiliations Pahanari Lands
Thalathanist partisans
Green Army
Strength Less than fifty in Palalangan
More than a hundred in Tahamatra

Order of the Blade or the Order of the Sword that was Broken, was a Thalathanist military order. It took part in the Palalangan Wars and fought against the shoal-people and Cacalda.

According to legend, the Order was believed to venerate the shattered blade retrieved from Lord Tahamatan's battle against the King of the Ahitas. They had several monasteries in the Pahanari Lands and at least one somewhere in mountains of Palalangan.

Order of the Blade members were called armigers, because they wore armour in battle. Their weapon of choice was the dao. The sword was also an object of veneration and obsession, idealized and worshiped as much as Tahamatan himself. The Order supported a variety of local garrisons and militias and their own agents were often sent out to aide the human colonists wherever they could.

Most of the Order was defeated at the Battle of Ayahsiras. Those who survived made it back to the Pahanari Lands.

Game Information

Warriors of the Order of the Blade are highly skilled at swordsmanship. These dedicated warriors are encouraged to learn the following feats: Attack Focus (dao), Attack Specialization (dao), Canny Dodge, Improved Critical (dao), and Quick Draw. Blades training focuses on physical skills such as Acrobatics, Climb and Jump.

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