Nishtha was a short, wiry Ebon Warrior woman with a horrific scar across her face and several tattoos covering her body. These tattoos of hers were said to allow Nishtha to harm and fight demons and supernatural creatures as if they were humans. Many great warriors was felled by her sword, fooled by her short stature: Nishtha was formidable at swordsmanship and one of the most feared head-hunters of her time.

During her days with the Vamachara, Nishtha was a prominent Vamachara hunter who specialized in hunting supernatural creatures. Nishtha personally trained Alima, Katuuk, Korah, and several other hunters that are no longer with them. Ismaya was her last student. However, she left the order shortly after losing her right arm. As decreed by Vamachara's code, injured warriors unable to perform their duties are traditionally exiled. Rumours within the order say that the Council were lenient and even willing to allow her to remain, despite her injuries, but she left anyway.

Nistha was last seen leaving Panau for the Hungry Ghost Island … to die as tradition demands for warriors crippled in battle.

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