Nau Islands
Nau Islands
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The Nau Islands, province of the Kaliyatra empire
Location Suwarnabumi, islands in the Kaliyatra Ocean, south of Panau
Area 1,499 sq mi (3,882 km2)
Terrain rugged, rocky; cliffs along most of coast
Climate tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Population 58,000
Ethnic groups Kedayuh, Langanese, shoal-people
Religions Thalathanism, Nagaism, Wavestillers
Languages Kedayuh 50%, Pahanari 20%, Langanese 15%, Lunang 10%, Nagari 5%
Type Kaliyatra protectorate
Capital Komang
Largest city Putu
Main exports Tin, copper, fish, honey, mining equipment

The Nau Islands or Nau Archipelago is an island group consisting of sixteen islands off the coast of Panau, in the Panau Sea. It has no major lakes or rivers. The only uninhabited island is Bakangas.

The main islands are Ayuna, Bakangas, Copper Island, Garuda, Giau, Kamata, Kuru, Maranun, Naga Island, Nulai, Pakamata, Setah, Sunang, Taro, Tekuru, and Yam. The largest island is Maranun. Komang located on Maranun is the provincial capital.

Approximately 60,000 inhabitants live on the Nau Islands. The population are mainly made up of Kedayuh, Langanese, and shoal-people. Tribes of sirena and siyokoy also live in the waters between the islands.

Conflicts and intrigues

Recently, mining operations on Copper Island has halted. Miners there have been reporting sightings child-sized humanoids in the deeper portions of the mines. The Pahanari Commerce Guild are offering a reward to anyone brave enough the explore the depths and uncover the truth.

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