Mythology & Legends


Creation Myth


Religion by Background and Culture

Background Religion(s)
Bhuta Bhuta religion
Bunian Ancestral worship
Caelirian Nagaism, Veraism
Grippli Grippli religion
Harimau Harimau religion or by human parentage
Human, Amarati Scyllianic religion
Human, Arshanian Thalathanism, Tahamavism, Vidaha tradition
Human, Harash Thalathanism, Harash religion
Human, Laiak Nagaism, Laiak religion
Human, Nagari Nagaism
Human, Phanarien Imperial Cult, Phanarien paganism
Human, Pygmy Pygmy religion
Human, Thanoelse Imperial Cult
Kinnara Kinnara religion
Mawas Mawas mythology
Tikbalang Tikbalang religion
Tiyanak Tiyanak mythology
Yuxa Nagaism
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