Murkha or Murka ("the wrathful one") is a guardian spirit in both Arshanian and Tiyanak mythologies. In Arshanian iconography, Murkha is classified as a demon. He is depicted on the interior walls of the Nāshri Mountain Monastery located close to the sacred Mount Atiya. Resembling a large, muscular humanoid with dark blue skin, a long white beard and pale hair. His eyes burn like hot coals. On one of his shoulders he wears a ox-head. Around the waist Murkha wears a belt of human skulls. He has a turquoise gem embedded in his forehead. Murkha is armed with a broad one-handed sword that his terrible to behold: numerous suffering skulls with red-glowing eyes that seem to follow movement. Murkha requires a living creature as vessel to manifest in the physical world. Such a host must be free and willing to share it's existence with the demon. He is sometimes called "Murkhatentera" because he is said to be as powerful as a whole "tentera", or army.

In Tiyanak mythology, he is known as Taiachtanha and serves the ruler of the land of the dead. Taiachtanha is usually depicted as a wolf.

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