Mount Atiya

Mount Atiya, also called Atiyavata, is one of the high peaks of the Inda Mountains, southeast of the Lapak Valley and north-west of the Capati Valley. Its summit rises over 16,000 feet, making it one of the highest mountains in Palalangan. The name Atiyavata means "Axis of the Universe" in Pahanari language.

Mount Atiya is the holiest of mountains, revered by both Nagaists and Thalathanists as the abode of their gods. It is believed that Mount Atiya has its roots in underworld and its summit in heaven. Mount Atiya is also famous for its numerous tiyanak inscriptions on mountain walls, and monasteries and temples, known as a centre for teaching and practice of meditation, medicine, and martial arts. It has been forbidden to be climbed out of respect for the tiyanak's spiritual beliefs and the monks make sure it's sacred peaks remain unchallenged.

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