The monks serve many functions in Langundowi. Monks have expanded their role beyond mere practitioner and teacher to become, at different times and places, educators, artists, scholars, herbalists, and even rulers. However, there have always been monks who have lived simple lives, meditating, teaching and gently influencing the communities around them.

The status of a monk is that of being a mendicant. The monk's life is ruled by vows of renunciation, typically forbids them from maintaining personal relationships, stealing, taking or harming of a human life and false proclamation of miraculous powers. Breaking any one of these rules will result in expulsion from the Order.

Its considered insulting to inquire about a monk's past; a monk has left his old life behind to gain Thalathanist knowledge from the Teaching.

Ordained monks of the Order is provided with shelter, food, clothing and medical cares. His life is secure, though not luxurious. His time is spent on the following activities, namely
(1) study, either in groups or individually;
(2) the performance of assigned tasks for the maintenance of the monastic institution;
(3) meditation;
(4) participation in conducting daily rituals at dawn, at noon and in the evening and the recitation of the disciplinary code on new moon and full moon days;
(5) and the performance of religious services for the lay community.


A monk is allowed to collect, receive and consume food between dawn and midday. He is not allowed to consume food outside of this time nor store the food for later. Water can be taken at any time without having to be offered. At no time does the monk request food; for example, a monk makes himself available in a situation, where people wish to give food.


The monk's robe consists of an waist cloth (inner garment), an upper robe and outer robe. The robe is worn covering the left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder bare. They dye their robes carmine (dark red), which is meant to evoke non-attachment. A monk believes that carmine has protective qualities and is considered sacred among the Thalathanists. Prayer beads are usually wrapped around the the right wrist. Monks repeat the same sermon 108 times, equal to the amount of beads.


Solitary, silent and simple is the ideal lodging for a monk. The monk's quarter should neither cause discomfort nor impair health, yet not be luxurious. A mat or thick blanket spread on the floor is used as a bed.


The monk has renounced all but the most basic possessions, they retain the freedom to express their views. A monk usually owns an alms bowl, a cup, two sets of clothing, a whisk broom, an umbrella and prayer beads

Game Information

Monk characters can never acquire a Wealth bonus above +0.

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