Brutish creatures found in warm forests, the mighoi (also known as forest demons or ogres) are shy and elusive giants that live in small family troupes led by one dominant male, with five to seven adult females, children and adolescents. Mighoi are mainly omnivores, despite their fierce appearance, eating fruits, leaves, roots, and sometimes insects. They are non territorial creatures; a dominant male preferably defends his family rather than its territory. Disputes between different groups tend to be highly ritualized, and dominant males are known to use blue paint on their faces, perhaps to intimidate other mighoi. A mighoi attacks only when it has no way to escape.

Mighoi walk on their knuckles but can run bipedally for a short distance. The fur is black but becomes greyish with dark stripes as the mighoi gets older. It stands on hoof-like feet. An adult mighoi is about 8 feet tall and weighs from 500 to 700 pounds. Males are much larger than females. A mighoi cannot speak.

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