Matahari is a supernatural being of the Thalathanist tradition. She is the only female of the eight guardians of the pillars. Her name means "The Goddess" in Achariyan. Matahari is the daughter of Amarachi (sometimes considered the same deity). She is also known as the Sun Warrior, often portrayed on temple murals outside the main gate. Matahari is shown as an armour-clad goddess of warfare or warriors and a guardian against corruption and evil spirits. She is depicted as a tall woman with wings and hair of fire, holding the sun in her palms. Her mount is an eagle.

It is said that at sunset, Matahari ventures into the underworld to hunt the ravenous man-eating serpent Vetala. According to legend, she pledged to protect the city of Tambo from any invasion by humans and demons, if they erected a statue in her honour. Since the monument was built, no foreign power as ever successfully taken the city.

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