Location: Island in the Panau Sea, southwest of Panau
Area: 1,825 sq mi
Climate: sub-tropical; rainy and dry seasons
Terrain: highlands in north and south, rounded hills, some mountains
Population: 41,513 (88% bunian, 10% human, 2% other)
Religions: Indigenous religious beliefs
Languages: Bunian, Markatan, Panau
Capital: Rasuna

The Markata kingdom is a sparsely populated country. The majority of people live in the Rasuna Valley, mountain areas are very sparsely populated. The kingdom has a strong agricultural economy with a great production of rice. The typical Markata home is bamboo-walled, rectangular room, raised above the ground in stilts. Usually a fence is built around the house for protection.

The official language is called Bunian and is spoken by just over half the population. It is related to the languages spoken in Panau.

The kingdom is ruled by King Manusama-Batara of the Bunians. Rasuna is a largest settlement and capital of Markata, predominately inhabited by Bunians. Other cities include Endang and Tanjaya. The southern and southwestern coast of Markata belongs to the Kaliyatra, while the rest of the mainland belongs to the native Bunians. Although th Kaliyatra has launched more than a dozen offensives against the Rasuna Valley region, all have failed. However, the empire does control the major trade routes and the Strait of Maganda.

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