Mangubat is a shoal-people settlement located on the north-western coast of Palalangan. At its height, Mangubat was home to approximately 15,000 shoal-people. Now, only two-quarters of those inhabitants remain.


During the Buhain Wars, Mangubat fell to the Pahanari. It was famous as the staging point for the Mangubatian Revolt, events triggered by the actions of Onarila, the last shoal-people queen of the Luzon tribe. Many cities then occupied by the Pahanari rose up against their foreign rulers. In 4554, the revolt failed and Onarila's band defeated at the Battle of Gamata River. Roughly a year later, Mangubat fell to the armigers.

In 4564, roughly ten years later, Mangubat fell to the armigers, who successfully held the city for 26 years. In 4591, the city was recaptured by the Cacalda.

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