Maharatha is the imperial guard for the Kaliyatra royalty in the Kaliyatra Empire. Their primary responsiblity is to protect the emperors and act as palace guards during the day and night, as well as provide support during wartime. The Maharatha were divided into day and night guards. Membership in the Maharatha is regarded as a great honour. Emperors of Kaliyatra also rewarded those who had been loyal and placed them in high positions within the imperial bureaucracy.

They wear elaborate green sarongs with white sashes and gold jewelry, often with a rattan armour jacket. Palace guards wield polearms and dagger-axes, while Maharatha in war use single-edge broadswords and bows.

Many serving in the Maharatha were tribal Kedayuh or indigenous Laiak who were taken as children or sold as slaves. Trained from childhood within the Nagaist doctrine and without links to their past lives, the Maharatha are fiercely loyal to their Kaliyatra rulers. The Maharatha are considered slightly better than slaves. Most of their days are spent perfecting their bodies and minds through vigorous training and reciting of holy scripts. Like slaves, the Maharatha are not permitted to learn reading and writing.

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