The Lulong are a mysterious, nomadic race of humanoids known for their skill in the use of wind power and hydraulics. The Lulong are responsible for creating many of the drydocks in major port cities. Since leaving their homeland about three hundred years ago, the Lulong arrived in Suwarnabumi aboard large floating villages. Now the Lulong live across the islands of the archipelago, trading their knowledge of technology in exchange for raw materials, textiles and fresh water.

Lulong are generally shorter and of slighter build than humans. They dress in long saries made of silk with several woven motifs influenced by Verasadhu teachings. Lulong also wrap their heads in a long scarf and cover themselves with the face veil. The long scarf is called shunni and is usually worn across both shoulders, sometimes worn across one shoulder. In Suwarnabumi, this particular garnment is known as dupatta. The use of the Lulong face veils is poorly understood in the Archieplago, but it is commonly belived to be due to religious customs. Most silk used by the Lulong was imported from Haolang.

Having lost their home ages ago, the Lulong rarely remain in the same area for more than a couple of months, following the currents and monsoon winds. Most tribes are migratory and populate the great oceans. Those more permanent Lulong settlements do exist are usually sitatuted on the coasts of human domains. Lulong warships are common sight on the seas, but do not attack other ships; it defends the floating villages.

Game Information

Lulong Background Traits: Lulong possess the following traits.
―Ability Adjustments: +1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom
―Bonus Feats: Eidetic Memory, Light Sleeper
―Bonus Powers: Second Sight
―Favoured Feats: Second Sight (Treat total level as adept level for this power)

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