List of Thalathanist deities


  • Bumathi, the Divine Mother
  • Kamaria, the Moon Maiden, goddess of the moon
  • Lamia, goddess of the Evening Star
  • Matahari, the Sun Warrior, a daughter of Bumathi
  • Tahamatan, the god of law and the underworld
  • Zahanvat, the Preserver God
  • Zawadi, goddess of the Morning Star
  • Usiku, the Night, god of the night


Local and nature gods

  • Badiyah, god of the desert and storms, a son of Shahkamana
  • Chaga, a spirit of goats
  • Kapala, goddess of fire, dance, and violence
  • Masa, the god of sand
  • Nuru, the Fire, a goddess, daughter of the sun
  • Pramath, a messenger spirit
  • Shahkamana, the god of growth and rain
  • Trishna, the goddess of drought
  • Zala, a god who protects the shrub-lands
  • Yamungani, goddess of the Yamungani River


  • Penzima, the goddess of lust and passion. She is considered one of the most beautiful bidadari. Considered a female demon who lived in rainforests. She tempts ascetics and sages into sin.
  • Shahkamani a spirit of desire and hallucinations. Also Shahkami or Shakamanari. She is an bidadari. Sister and close companion of Vishalya. Considered a female demon who lived in springs and rivers. She is sometimes identified as the consort of Shahkamana.
  • Vishalya, she is a bidadari who protects against snake bites

Other deities

  • Amarachi, the fierce goddess
  • Anulakha, goddess of fortune and wealth
  • Ghula, god of desertification
  • Ibada, god of hospitality
  • Mirai, a spirit of a good future. She is also associated with astronomy and predicting the future.
  • Taharani, goddess of the underworld, self-styled lady of the dead. Consort of Tahamatan

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